Migrants Continue To Flood The Overwhelmed Southern Border

[Twitter Screenshot Jorge Ventura]

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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura captured video footage early Tuesday morning in Yuma showing “hundreds” of migrants from various parts of the world arriving at the overwhelmed southern border.

“Here is the scene at 4:17 am in Yuma as hundreds of migrants are lined up to be processed by BP agents. Migrants from Lebanon, Belarus, Russia, India, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and more.”

Among the mix of migrants include dozens of adult men, women, and children.

Ventura said it was “the longest line” he’s seen by far while covering the crisis in Yuma.

Ventura said claims from the Biden administration that the border is secure are severely refuted by what he has witnessed on the ground, noting how agents are overwhelmed and Border Patrol lacks the resources to process the groups fast enough.

Ventura reported early Monday morning as well about large swaths of migrants arriving at the southern border, including “single males from India.”

Ventura reported that there was only “1 border patrol agent” available to begin processing the large influx of migrants. (RELATED: Scarborough Sums Up Why Dems Should Panic Over The Border Disaster With Just Five Words)

Some of the migrants were flowing “into the Mexicali airport” before taking “a charter bus or taxi straight to a crossing point.”

Agents encountered a record-breaking number of illegal migrants at the southern border in May, according to CBP. During that month they encountered 239,416 migrants, with roughly one quarter of those having been previously encountered by authorities. 69% of those migrants were adults.