Unemployment Rates Are Lowest In Republican Controlled States


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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President Joe Biden tweeted Tuesday that 15 states are at their lowest unemployment rates, and 12 of them are run by Republican leadership.

“Fifteen states are now at their lowest unemployment rates on record, and last month, the unemployment rate broke new records in nine states,” Biden tweeted from his official POTUS account, noting “That’s huge.” The rates used by Biden reflect May 2022 unemployment numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nebraska, Minnesota, Utah, Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and West Virginia had the lowest unemployment rates, nine of which have Republican governors, and all of which have Republican-controlled legislatures, according to data  from the Republican National Committee. Of the top 26 states with the lowest unemployment rates, 21 have Republican governors and legislatures, the RNC noted. (RELATED: Bank Of America Issues Dire Warning To Americans)

Biden responded to his own original tweet, saying that “our nation’s hard-fought, historic economic recovery was just the beginning of lasting change – we are moving to steady and stable growth that works for working people.” His comments come as some homebuyers have lost more than $100,000 in purchasing power since historic inflation continues to destroy the American economy.

“The only prices falling in Biden’s economy are pictures with Kamala Harris — which are worth less than her dismal approval ratings,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Nathan Brand told the Daily Caller exclusively.