Billie Eilish Says She Fooled Fans With A Body Double On Stage At Coachella

(Photo by Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images for Live Nation UK)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Billie Eilish said Tuesday that she had fans fooled by using a dancer as a body double during a live show at the 2022 Coachella music festival.

The pop singer came forward with the admission that her adoring fans who came to see her at Coachella were actually at one point watching someone else dressed up to mimic her style during an interview with Matt Wilkinson released Tuesday on Apple Music 1.

“I dressed her up in a show look that I had worn before. We got a black wig and we put buns in it and we gave her a mask and sunglasses and she wore my shoes and my socks,” Eilish said, according to the New York Post. By all accounts, it seems that nobody noticed the switch-a-roo.

Eilish went on to candidly explain in more detail the big change-up moment in which she made the swap and exited the stage to allow her costumed back-up dancer to play her part in the stunt.

“I put her up at the back of the stage and she stood there while the lights went on and everybody thought it was me,” she reportedly said. (RELATED: Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Her Life With Tourette’s Syndrome)

Eilish went on to gush in the interview about the success of the bold move, saying,  “And nobody ever knew it wasn’t me, literally nobody knew. And while she’s up there, I put on a big black coat and a traffic vest and a hood and just glasses,” according to the New York Post.

The big moment reportedly came during the introductory moments of Eilish’s set, when clips of her songs “Oxytocin” and “Happier Than Ever” played. The look-alike stood amid the smoke and lights and soaked in the sights and sounds of the crowd. Her face was not shown on the screen at that particular moment, according to the New York Post.

At one point during Coachella 2022, Eilish fell while attempting to navigate the pitch-black stage, according to a video posted to Twitter by the Independent. She took command of her fall by calling herself out and trying to make light of the situation, before going on with the show.