George Michael’s Alleged Addiction To Drugs Explored In Upcoming Biography

EVERT ELZINGA/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Author James Gavin has penned a biography about George Michael that reportedly explores the famous singer’s alleged addiction to drugs.

The biography, “George Michael: A Life,” is set to be released June and claims Michael “lived in a haze” after he completed his 25 Live Tour in 2008, Page Six reported Tuesday. It alleges Michael, who died in 2016, was known to consume various illegal drugs in the final years of his life but claims he especially favored GHB, according to the outlet.

“He slept until mid-afternoon then stayed high on pot for almost every waking moment,” Gavin reportedly claimed in the book.

“For Michael, GHB seemed heaven-sent,” the book also alleged, according to Page Six. “Apart from fueling his sexual compulsiveness, it made a depressed and self-loathing man feel attractive; it brought joy where there was little.”

In spite of his fame and fortune, Gavin painted Michael as a man that supposedly needed affirmation. The author claimed in the biography that the drug “gave him [Michael] confidence on Hampstead Heath and with the most intimidatingly sexy escorts. But it also took him to a frightening new level of self-destruction,” according to Page Six.

Michael’s alleged addiction became visible to the public when he reportedly started to lose his ability to control his behavior. In 2008, police purportedly found marijuana and crack cocaine in his possession and arrested him after spotting him at a public bathroom in near Hampstead Heath, Page Six reported. (RELATED: LAWRENCE: Safe Injection Sites Save Lives And Need To Be Part Of The Government’s Response To The Overdose Crisis)

The book claims a drug addiction fueled Michael’s relationship with British adult film star Paul Stag, according to Page Six. Gavin alleged that Stag and Michael would refer to GHB as “champagne” in their text messages to one another and that the singer was supposedly known to mix it in with Coca Cola, the outlet reported.

Gavin’s book also touched on Michael’s numerous arrests and incidents in which he was allegedly “semi-conscious and mumbling” while slumped in his car, according to Page Six.