Jimmy Kimmel Stand-In Thinks It’s Funny When Grown Men Dress In Women’s Lingerie For Children


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Jimmy Kimmel’s stand-in, Sean Hayes, mocked right-leaning news outlets Tuesday for covering drag shows for children.

Hayes’ argued that “ultra-conservative outlets like One America News” are pushing “counter-programming” to the Jan 6 hearings. He then played a clip from the outlet featuring comedian Alex Stein, who is known for his popular tongue-in-cheek, right-leaning comedy skits often performed at city council meetings.

“There was this very sexually explicit drag show, in which parents brought their children to. You weren’t even allowed to go in, but six, seven, eight-year-olds were allowed to go in,” the OAN host told Stein. (RELATED: Comedian Alex Stein Attends City Council Meeting In Women’s Swimsuit, Claims To Be Trans)

“One of the worst parts of the ‘Drag Your Kids To Pride’ event that I went to, it’s the sexual implantation of children that might normally be a heterosexual, but when you saw a transgender person dressed up like a woman, with a thong on and fake breasts, you might be attracted to them just naturally, organically and then later on you find out that was actually a man,” Stein told the host.


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Hayes appeared to have missed the humor behind Stein’s comment and the issue with exposing young children to sexualized entertainment in the form of drag shows. In one “Drag Your Kid To Pride” event in Dallas, drag queens performed for babies and children and appeared to take money from them in front of a glowing neon pink sign that read “It’s Not Gonna Like Itself.”

Stein told the Daily Caller exclusively that “the obvious fact is that they are ignoring the elephant in the room of child grooming. I did find Sean Hayes funny impersonating me, and I’m happy I could help out with Jimmy’s show while he is out with COVID for the millionth time after having 500 boosters.”