‘The View’ Calls On McConnell To Protect Kinzinger After Whining About Protection For SCOTUS Justices

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” called on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Wednesday to protect those involved in the January 6 committee after previously ranting about him pushing legislation to protect Supreme Court justices.

The panel discussed two Georgia poll workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss testifying before the House Select committee describing the attacks and fears for their safety after former President Donald Trump spread his election fraud claims. Moss received threats of violence after Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani accused her of passing around USB drives to steal the election.

“Where’s Mitch McConnell? He’s so upset about stuff but he hasn’t said ‘hey, damn, that’s really messed up that that happened,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said. “He went back into the hole.”

Co-host Hostin accused Trump of believing he is “above the law” and if he could get away for pardoning his family members with a conservative Supreme Court. Co-host Sara Hostin then pointed to a death threat made toward Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger in a note to his wife, calling on Congress to give people the maximum punishment for threatening people.

“Hey Mitch McConnell,” Goldberg began. “You want to do something that’s meaningful? You want to protect folks? How about protecting Adam Kinzinger, who’s doing his job. He’s doing his job. Forget all the people who are not doing their jobs, but protect these women. Why aren’t you asking for federal help there, man? I don’t get it.”

The co-hosts previously lamented against McConnell, who after the assassination attempt against Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, urged House Democrats to pass the bipartisan Supreme Court Police Parity Act that passed unanimously in the Senate in early May. The legislation intends to provide around-the-clock protection to Supreme Court justices and their families.

“He’s demanding that the House pass security protections for Supreme Court justices ‘before the sun sets today,'” co-host Joy Behar said in a June 9 episode. (RELATED: ‘Jeopardizing People’s Lives’: McCarthy Fumes At Pelosi For Blocking Bill After Would-Be Assassin Came After Kavanaugh) 

“They have protections!” Goldberg replied.

“But nothing on Uvalde, so far, and nothing on Buffalo,” Behar added. “He’s worried about the Supreme Court, that’s his urgency.”

After stalling the legislation for several weeks, the bill passed the House on June 14, with 27 Democrats voting in favor. Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons introduced the bill following left-wing organizations forming protests in front of the justices’ homes.

During Wednesday’s episode, the hosts applauded when Hostin said Shaye and Moss filed a defamation lawsuit against Giuliani. Hostin then said the investigation is bipartisan and there is evidence of criminal obstruction conducted by Trump.

Guest co-host Lindsey Granger added that former President Richard Nixon was pardoned for similar crimes after the Watergate scandal. The co-hosts pushed back arguing that Nixon did not have “the MAGA mob” threatening opponents and that people of his own party were against him.