Tucker Carlson Mocks Colbert, Calls Him A ‘Partisan Scold’ For The Democratic Party

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked late night host Stephen Colbert after several of Colbert’s production staffers were arrested Thursday in Longworth House Office Building after it had closed.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested several of Colbert’s staffers Thursday after they allegedly entered the building and were seen on the sixth floor without congressional ID or escort when the building was closed to visitors, Fox News reported. Authorities reportedly charged all of them with unlawful entry.

Carlson on Tuesday criticized Colbert, accusing the late night host of having a double standard in regards to his own staffers’ arrests and those who breached the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

“How is what Stephen Colbert did different from what the protesters did different than what the protesters on January 6 have been convicted of doing?” Carlson said. “That’s a very good question. And it’s a question that Colbert himself spent the weekend thinking about. His conclusion? Well, unlike Trump voters, Stephen Colbert is a very good person. Therefore, any comparison to Trump voters is not simply ridiculous, it is a moral crime.”


The host played footage of Colbert criticizing comparisons drawn between his staffers being arrested and the Jan. 6 riot as a “grotesque insult” to those who died on or after the riot. Colbert also said the comparison “trivializes” the service and bravery of the Capitol police and noted his staffers had been pre-arranged to interview several people inside the Capitol buildings. Carlson said Colbert has presented “whiny liberal self-righteousness.” (RELATED: ‘Political Parasite’: Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Space Czar’ Kamala Harris For ‘Patronizing’ Everyone)

“That is passive aggression taken to the level of the art,” he added. “And anyway, Colbert says, ‘Shut up, I’m a comedian with a toy dog, you can’t criticize me.'”

Carlson then accused Colbert of being a “partisan scold” rather than a comedian, pointing to him celebrating then-President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, calling criticisms of the Black Lives Matter protests and riots a “false narrative,” and calling for reducing the number of guns obtained by Americans to decrease shootings.

“This isn’t comedy, it’s a very sad midlife crisis,” Carlson said. “But even more than that, it’s an information war being waged against television viewers on behalf of the Democratic Party. At least when the White House press secretary does it, she admits what she’s doing. Colbert hides behind his former job as a comedian. It’s all a joke. When people we don’t like break into the Capitol, it’s an insurrection; when we do it, it’s sketch comedy.”

In a Nov. 6, 2020, clip that Carlson played, Colbert emotionally said that he wore all black because he knew former President Donald Trump would “try some shenanigans” and that he “hurt so much.” The Daily Caller co-founder then compared Colbert to a “Karen.”

“The guy’s not a comedian,” Carlson said. “When you watch a comedian, you think ‘that guy’s hilarious’ … Stephen Colbert is a Karen! He’s a brittle, middle aged woman who’s always lecturing you about something. He’s Elizabeth Warren. They even look alike. Have you seen them in the same room recently?”

He then suggested Colbert and his staffer Robert Smigel, who voices Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, are not as comical as Trump, pointing to his 2016 tweet sitting in front of a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo. He said no one is amused by liberals’ celebration of Cinco de Mayo by “fawning over the cuisine of the LatinX community.”

“And that’s why, in the end, Stephen Colbert has not a single Hispanic viewer. His audience is entirely self-hating white liberals like him,” Carlson said.