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What You Need to Know About Automotive Mogul John Bommarito

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John Bommarito was destined for the automotive industry from a young age. He was born in 1965 into an automotive family that took pride in its solid and continuous work ethic. This introduced him to the industry at a very young age, and by 12, he was already parking and washing new car and preowned deliveries. He was actively involved in The Bommarito Group, and by 15, he was promoted to the service  and then the Parts department to learn the “backbone” of the organization.

While attending Christian Brothers College High School, John spent hours working at the Ellisville automotive location after school. After graduating in the top two percent of his class, he accepted one of many academic scholarships to attend Eckerd College, where he pursued his psychology and premedical degree. John graduated with honors in 1987 and was accepted to Stanford University Medical School. At this time, he took a year off to put to rest his automotive desires.

John’s early days included selling new Mazdas. However, with his burning desire and talents in the automotive industry, he proceeded to the Nissan location as the finance manager, where he swiftly scaled to become the sales manager then the General Manager running the largest Nissan location in the state of Missouri.

In the meantime, Bommarito Automotive Group had grown to include a nationwide subsidiary known as Bommarito Cellular. John transferred to this division as general manager and achieved record-breaking sales, year after year. After establishing over sixty retail stores, fathered a Nationwide “Buy a Car get a Phone Program’ for over 300 dealers and a wholesale distributorship, the was awarded one of only three Nokia Mobile distributorships in North America. After his stellar career in wireless at such a young age, and with his Father beginning his exit from the day to day active management of the family business, he decided to focus on furthering the family automotive enterprise.

Since then, John and the Bommarito Automotive Group have scaled to attain numerous notable achievements. He has worked with other renowned brands such as General Motors, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, Honda, Ford,Toyota etc.

At present, the Bommarito Automotive Group’s St. Peter’s dealership ranks 4th in the South Central Region in Cadillac sales, and Mazda is 2nd in the St. Louis Metro area. As the earning potential of the community grows, this location continues to grow exponentially. With all the success and growth, and by the request of Mazda’s past president, Richard Beattie, John served on Mazda’s national dealer council and many other national dealer councils.

The success and continued growth of the Bommarito Automotive Group have continued to explode. John’s tenacity for hard work, combined with his determination and outstanding negotiation skills, led to the acquisition of their fourth dealership location in South County. This new addition, Bommarito Pontiac-Mazda South, added another new car brand to the Bommarito “Family of Dealerships.”

While John’s success with the Bommarito Automotive Group continues to grow and set record sales highs, he has also received special recognition from their manufacturing partners. John was named winner of the “President Clubs,” a prestigious honor for outstanding sales and service awards from franchises like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Volkswagen.

As a single point Oldsmobile dealer, what Frank Bommarito (John’s father) started 50 years ago has now successfully grown into Missouri’s number one choice for consumers for all of their automotive needs. Clearly, with his son John as president, and his key management team in place, who continues to lead with the help of over 1,000 Bommarito team members, the Bommarito Automotive Group is in great hands.