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Best Belly Fat Burner: Top 7 Thermogenic Fat Burning Pills of 2022

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Weight loss can be tough at times. That is why people often give up weeks into their weight loss journey. It is mostly because they find it hard to burn fat and lose weight. Some might even lose body weight but still regain the weight later. Such would be quite frustrating too.

Have you been trying to lose weight, and it seems like nothing is happening? If you are going through such, using the best fat burner supplement can be what you need to propel your weight loss process.

We shall get into details about what is a fat burner, how it works, the top brands to consider, and how to pick the correct one. At least, at the end of this guide, you should have all the details needed to buy the right fat burner for weight loss.

What Is The Best Fat Burner?

Fat burner supplements can claim to do a lot, but sometimes that might not be the case. That is why you have to choose the top fat-burning supplements with proven records that they can actually work.

The best fat-burning supplement would mostly have fat-burning ingredients. These ingredients will help the body burn stubborn fat around the belly and other parts of the body. These ingredients should also be non-GMO, safe, and have scientific backing that they can actually do what they claim.

Fat loss also relies on calorie intake. So, the best fat burners should also help you lose weight through appetite suppression. This can be based on the ingredients too. With less food intake, you also get to burn calories that are already stored as fat.

If the fat burner also has lab reports indicating it is safe, any user would choose it for fat metabolism, knowing it will not leave them exposed to contaminants.

How Do Fat Burner Supplements Work to Burn Belly Fat?

Despite the fat-burning supplements coming from different brands, they often have similar working mechanisms to help you lose fat.

One of the ways fat burners can help lose excess belly fat is by improving metabolism. This is thanks to some of the ingredients in these fat burners. For example, a belly fat burner supplement can have green tea extract, caffeine, and other ingredients to improve metabolism.

Improved metabolism means you can burn more abdominal fat for energy. The good thing about improved metabolism is that you also remain energetic, per HealthCanal. So, even if you are on a diet, you should still feel more focused and energetic to plough through the day.

Appetite suppression is another thing diet pills would do to a person. With a low-calorie intake, users can now burn more fat for energy. Depending on the type of fat burner, you can get those that suppress appetite while others boost metabolism. You will also get those that do both.

With appetite suppression, you are hoping not to reach the daily calorie needs for your body type. If it falls below the daily requirement, you burn more fat to fill that deficit.

Top 7 Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements On The Market 2022

  1. PhenQ – Editor’s Choice
  2. Leanbean – Best Supplement for Women
  3. PhenGold – Best for High-Quality Ingredients
  4. PrimeShred – Best Vegan-Friendly Formula
  5. InstantKnockout – Best for Workouts
  6. TrimTone – Best for Suppressing Appetite
  7. Keto Charge – Best for Raising Ketones

1. PhenQ


PhenQ approaches weight loss through a unique formula for weight loss. It can boost metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, balance your moods, and crush food cravings as a result.

  • Helps burn fat
  • Can reduce fat accumulation
  • Helps boost energy

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About PhenQ

This is a great fat burning supplement which can help you get the best results if you are trying to lose weight. Like other fat-burning supplements, would help burn fat more efficiently. With ingredients such as capsimax powder, it can help improve the body’s thermogenesis.

To lose weight and keep it off, you also need to reduce fat accumulation. This is why this is often considered the best fat burner for men and women alike. Of course, who would not want to remain lean after losing weight? The supplement does a good job of keeping the body from storing excess fat cells.

Ingredients such as chromium picolinate and natural caffeine in the product can help with improving insulin sensitivity. You will also crush food cravings with these types of ingredients. Whenever you keep feeling full, you can go for longer without food, which is good for weight loss.

The manufacturer recommends taking one PhenQ pill before breakfast and before lunch. You should not exceed the recommended dosage for the best results.

The average price is from $70 to $400, depending on how bottles you pick. If you pick more bottles, you get a discount on the purchase plus additional free PhenQ bottles.

2. Leanbean


Leanbean focuses on ingredients that boost weight loss without focusing so much on stimulants. So, anyone who dislikes stimulants can consider using such a supplement.

  • May help curb appetite
  • Can boost energy
  • Made of high-quality ingredients

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About Leanbean

Women also deserve a quality fat burning supplement. That is what you get with the Leanbean thermogenic fat burner. Because of its ingredients, including fewer stimulants, it has gained favor as the best fat burner for women. In case you are a woman and you have been seeking the right fat burner, now you have an answer.

Leanbean focuses on reducing cravings, which means fewer calories a person can eat in a day. With an appetite suppressant such as Glucomannan as part of the ingredients, it is possible to see why more people consider it for weight loss.

Other than suppressing appetite, Leanbean is also good at fat metabolism. This thermogenic fat burner can boost metabolism thanks to ingredients such as choline. More metabolism also means better energy. Even if you do workouts, you can have enough energy to keep going through all the sessions.

The other ingredients to expect from the product include vitamin B6, B12, chloride, Zinc, green coffee, turmeric, Garcinia Cambogia, piperine, and Acai Berry. Each of these ingredients has some contributions to how you lose weight eventually.

You should take two capsules with one or two glasses of water three times a day. Take the pills 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3. PhenGold


The product focuses more on enhancing your natural fat-burning abilities. This makes it safe and efficient to lose weight and keep it off.

  • Uses high-quality ingredients
  • Free worldwide shipping available
  • Made in FDA registered facilities

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About PhenGold

PhenGold is all about helping you lose weight naturally, quickly, and effectively too. That is why we included it on our list of best fat-burning supplements. Thanks to its formula, it works as the best thermogenic fat burner. Once you look at the ingredient list, you can understand how these fat-burning pills work.

Talking of ingredients, you will come across L-tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, cayenne pepper, caffeine, DMAE, and Vitamins B3, B6, B12. Each ingredient plays a role in making the product the best fat burner.

Unlike other fat burners, these fat-burning pills are 100% safe and natural. So long as you follow the usage instructions, you may not experience any side effects. The product is still manufactured in the US, where there is a need to follow strict quality production procedures.

The 100-day money-back guarantee with good customer support puts the brand ahead of others. You can always get a refund in case the weight loss pills do not work as you had hoped. With an average price range of $60 to $200, you can always pick the package within your price range. The brand often has offers so that you can save a bit on your purchases.

Take three capsules 20 to 30 minutes before having your breakfast. Do that and work out more often to see some good results.

4. PrimeShred


The brand is quite transparent about what it uses in its weight loss products. This means you can always trust the product. Being vegan-friendly also works for many people.

  • Pills are free from soy, gluten, and dairy
  • The product is fast and effective
  • It uses premium weight loss formula

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About PrimeShred

As much as you might be targeting stubborn belly fat, sometimes it is best if you can also lose weight around the whole body. That is what PrimeShred is all about. Such a weight loss supplement will leave you with lean muscle mass and safe still because it uses an advanced high potency formula.

Thermogenic fat burners claim a lot, but this one has several customer reviews showing that it actually works. Most users claim that it can help burn the fat cells to leave you transforming the body. You would also be able to break through the frustrating weight loss plateaus you might be experiencing.

The weight loss supplement features several important ingredients too. They include green tea extract, DMAE, green coffee, vitamin B complex, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, and more. These ingredients effectively help you with losing fat and keeping it off.

You will save quite some money buying this type of product. A bottle starts at around $50. In case you buy several bottles of PrimeShred, you may get a saving of over $200. So, it can be an affordable product to keep using.

As for how to use it, take three capsules 20 minutes before having breakfast.

5. Instant Knockout


  • The product is within the affordable range
  • Can help with weight loss fast
  • May boost energy and focus

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About Instant Knockout

Anyone who works out more often and wants to burn fat but keep the muscle, this is the product you go for right now. Since it has been endorsed by some top fighters, such as Greg Jackson, it just shows how good it is. You might also go for such fat burner pills to see how great they can work for you today.

Like other weight loss supplements, we also have to look at the ingredients. The manufacturer claims that it is among the natural fat burners because of its unique blend of science-backed ingredients. The result of such ingredients is to help speed up metabolism, burn more fat, and leave you with a sculpted physique.

Some of the ingredients the product has include green tea extract, cayenne pepper seeds, glucomannan, black pepper extract, caffeine, and so much more. You are advised to take at least one capsule four times a day. You can space it, so you take one every three hours for the best results.

6. TrimTone


A boost in metabolism and reduced appetite means that you can lose more weight. That should be something you get with the product. Also, you can expect more energy to work out.

  • Easy to take formula
  • May boost thermogenesis
  • Can improve appetite suppression

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About TrimTone

We had to consider this under natural fat burners because of how it helps with losing the excess weight and prevent potential weight gain later. It starts by stimulating thermogenesis which is key in burning fat to help get energy. With boosted metabolism, you can burn fat even while at rest.

Like other best fat burner supplements, this one also works as the best appetite suppressant. Other than having fat-burning ingredients, it also has ingredients to curb your appetite. So, you will no longer feel like eating every two to three hours. Being in control of what and when you eat can help the body burn fat.

The good thing about this product is that you will not have to use many pills per day. Simply take one capsule before breakfast, and that is it. Such would make it easy for a person to track their usage and not feel overwhelmed about taking six capsules a day.

The price varies from around $50 to $150, depending on how many bottles you are buying. Buy more bottles of TrimTone, and you will get the best discounts.

7. Keto Charge


Keto Charge is an effective product for helping you burn fat while at the same time enjoying your diet. The best part is that there is no keto flu this time.

  • Get a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Get free shipping on orders
  • Can help raise blood ketone levels

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About Keto Charge

You have probably heard about ketosis. This is when the body is burning fat for energy. For you to get into ketosis, it might take some time. That is why you need such a product that can raise the blood ketones so that you burn fat a lot sooner.

Keto Charge also claims that you can enjoy cheese, butter, bacon, and steak but still lose weight. People often think that a healthy diet has to be boring. That is not the case here. These metabolism booster pills make it easier to keep losing weight while enjoying your food too.

Some of you might have experienced keto flu while on a diet. The point of using Keto Charge is to help ensure you can boost fat-burning hormones without experiencing keto flu. The product would also recharge your electrolytes and energy levels.

With many positive testimonials and an affordable price of around $60, you can start your weight loss journey. Consider taking 2 capsules per day with enough water. 8 ounces of water should be enough to dissolve the ingredients.

Different Types of Fat Burners

The weight loss pills are mostly categorized based on how they work to help you lose weight. Here are some of the popular categorizations you should know about.

Thermogenic fat burners

These fat burners have ingredients that induce thermogenesis in the body so that you can burn more fat through metabolism. The result is that now you have more energy and also have used more of the stored fat.

Some of the ingredients that help with thermogenesis include CLA, theacrine, capsaicin, and caffeine.

Appetite suppressants

As the name suggests, such weight loss supplements are all about making you feel fuller for longer. No more snacking in between the meals. So, when the body needs food for energy, it goes and taps into the stored body fat rather than making you feel hungry and keep eating.

The idea is to get you at a calorie deficit so that you can rely on the body fat for energy.

Stimulant-free fat burners

The thermogenic fat burners would have stimulants that boost metabolism and other hormones to help with the whole process. However, at times you might not always have a good time with stimulants. That is why you can get fat burners with no stimulants but will still lead to weight loss if used correctly.

Fat blockers

Depending on what you each, at times you can end up having more fat being absorbed into the body. Other than absorption, the body can also create its own fat. The work of fat blockers is to keep the body from absorbing more fat or creating new fat cells. So, only the stored fat is burned.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Fat Burner Pills

With hundreds or even thousands of products available for weight loss, it is not always easy to settle for one product. Below are the things to consider to guide you to choose the right fat burners.


Belly fat burners mostly have stimulants which can be good or not so good for some people who want to lose stored fat.

Some people do not mind high caffeine levels or any other stimulant. For them, it would stimulate their body to burn more fat and leave them feeling energetic. If you work out more often, it would not be so bad to have such a kind of fat burner.

However, some would prefer stimulant-free fat burners. It could be that you have to take the fat burner late in the evening. So, it does make sense if it has many stimulants. So, pick the dietary supplements based on your lifestyle. Do not always go for one with too many stimulants.


A big part of losing body fat is the ingredients in most fat burners. That is why you can come across fat-burning ingredients such as green tea extract, green coffee beans, caffeine, and so many others.

Most fat burners have no problem listing the ingredients in their products. This helps the buyer to do more research and find out if they can help with stubborn fat. We always recommend that you do your own research first before buying based on ingredients.


To lose belly fat, you also need the right dosage. In most cases, brands recommend using one scoop of the fat burner in 8 to 10 ounces of water or taking two pills or more before taking your meals.

The dosage should be based on the scientific backing of when the ingredients were tested. You should also not overuse the fat burner thinking it will help lose belly fat fast. Burning fat only happens if the right dosage is used.

Price Per Serving

Even while losing fat, you also want to get value for money. That is why the price is still critical.

Look at the price offered per bottle and see how it competes with the other brands. You always need to get the right price for the contents of the product. Reading several reviews should help see if it is a good product or not too.

Refund Policy

What if you are not satisfied with the fat burner supplement results? Will you get refunded for the poor performance of the natural fat burner?

These are some of the questions you have to look at when buying the fat burner for stubborn body fat.

Consider looking at the money-back guarantee duration. Most brands now offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Others can offer up to 90 or 100 days which can be quite awesome. So, make sure to understand the refund policy and where it applies. One mistake can lead to you not getting the refund.


The body burns calories when you use the right fat-burning supplements. That is why we have a comprehensive list of the best fat burners in the market. Do not just stop with the fat-burning supplement, also check on your diet and exercise. It would be nice to change your lifestyle to realize the weight loss results faster among other health benefits.

With a good lifestyle change even to gain weight will not be an issue to think about. Look at the various supplements recommended above and choose the one within your budget that still does a good job of helping you lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should use a fat burner to lose weight?

So long as you are overweight, a fat burner supplement might be necessary. Also, in case you have stalled on the journey of losing weight, a good supplement can jumpstart the whole process again.

  1. How much do fat burners cost?

Most fat burners cost around $45 but can go as high as $100 depending on the brand. What you should check for is value for money. Not all expensive products are the best.

  1. When should I take the fat burner pill?

It depends on the type of fat burner. Some recommend using them in the morning while others 30 minutes before each meal. So, look at the brand’s recommended use and follow it correctly.

  1. What happens if you take fat burners without working out?

You can still lose weight even if you do not work out. However, those who work out often end up with more weight loss progress and experience more health benefits.

  1. How do fat burners suppress appetite?

The weight loss supplements would mostly have ingredients rich in fiber. In such a case, this fiber makes you feel full even if it has been hours since the last time you ate. The result is that your appetite is now lowered.

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