‘Fat Elvis’: Scarborough Absolutely Loves Poll Showing DeSantis Beating Trump

[Screenshot Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough compared former President Donald Trump to “fat Elvis” Thursday while discussing a recent poll.

The panel discussed a new poll from The University of New Hampshire Survey Center that showed Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leading Trump in the state.

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele claimed “DeSantis has very craftily and stealthily in some sense positioned himself as a better version of Donald Trump … I think he’s just as dangerous if not more so.”

Steele added “there’s a pathway” for DeSantis in 2024.

Co-host Willie Geist said Trump’s “baggage” is his “backward-looking” attitude while “DeSantis could at least be forward-looking and not look back at an election he claims was stolen.”

Scarborough then compared Trump to Elvis Presley.

“Well, I mean, you look at you look at his speeches, even the one this past week, they are all backward-looking, and they’re all the greatest hits from 2016 and not performed well. With all due respect to the King of Rock and Roll, this is fat Elvis in ’77, huffing and puffing and sweating and bloated and —”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed before Scarborough continued. (RELATED: Elon Musk Hints Support For DeSantis In 2024 Election)

“Like, barely being able to get this, y’know, the scarves out from around his neck, throwing them into the crowd. This is not a pretty sight, and so I don’t think Republicans, I just don’t think Republicans want this. But again, there are because as I’ve always said, as you know, as goes Nashua, so goes France.”

The poll found DeSantis “is now statistically tied with Former President Donald Trump” in the New Hampshire primary, with “support for DeSantis…more than doubled since October.”

The poll also found that “DeSantis runs better against Biden than does Trump.”

The poll was conducted amongst 944 Granite State Panel members between June 16-20. The margin of error was +/- 3.2 percentage points.

Trump recently told The New Yorker he doesn’t know or care to know if DeSantis is running because he’s confident he would win. His comments came after a recent straw poll conducted at the 2022 Western Conservative Summit found DeSantis had 71% of support while Trump had 68%.