EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Demand Information About Migrant ‘Whipping’ Incident From DHS

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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A group of House Republicans sent a letter Wednesday to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calling for answers over the claims that Border Patrol agents allegedly “whipped” Haitian migrants at the U.S. southern border in the Del Rio sector.

The letter, first obtained by the Daily Caller, was spearheaded by House Freedom Caucus (HFC) Policy Chair Rep. Chip Roy and signed by eleven other Republicans on the HFC board. In it, they mention the accusations from many Democratic politicians and media outlets that Border Patrol agents were whipping Haitian migrants at the southern border after video and pictures emerged of agents riding horseback with reins.

The Horseback Border Patrol units who were accused of whipping the Haitian migrants were reassigned to desk duties while officials investigated the incident.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the agents were using long reins to control their horses during a press conference in September 2021 and said an investigation is underway.

“The Biden Administration applies the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ only when it’s convenient to the Left’s woke narrative and the President’s failing agenda. Secretary Mayorkas’ highly politicized investigation into widely-debunked lies of Border Patrol Agents ‘whipping’ migrants appears to be designed to target, smear, and intimidate the heroic men and women of federal law enforcement — all while demonstrating the White House’s outright contempt of the US Border Patrol mission,” Perry told the Daily Caller before sending the letter.

Here Are The Questions The Lawmakers Ask In The Letter:

  • Is there an ongoing investigation of the CBP agents involved in the Del Rio “whipping” incident in September 2021?
  • Is there, or was there ever a criminal investigation of these CBP agents?
  • If so, was any criminal allegation referred to the Office of Inspector General?
  • Is there, or was there ever an administrative investigation of the CBP agents involved in the Del Rio “whipping” incident in September 2021?
  • Who specifically has been charged with conducting the investigation?
  • Which office and Department of DHS are they employed by?
  • Did this investigation conform with any collective bargaining agreement?
  • If so, did the collective bargaining agreement impact the investigation itself?
  • What, if any, disciplinary action has been imposed by the deciding official?
  • If any disciplinary action has been proposed by the proposing official, did the agents involved receive a review of the proposal?
  • If any disciplinary action has been decided by the deciding official, were the agents involved given the opportunity to appeal?
  • If disciplinary action has been proposed or imposed, what wrongdoing or specific violations of the agents involved led to the disciplinary action?


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“Members of the House Freedom Caucus Board demand that Secretary Mayorkas and his department cease the baseless allegations against the good men and women of Customs and Border Protection — with zero evidence — and immediately issue a full apology to these agents for what they’ve endured,” Perry added. (RELATED: Border Patrol Chief Announces Over 1,000 Migrants, Nearly 50 Lbs Of Narcotics, 2 Sex Offenders Caught At Border Over Memorial Day Weekend)

MSNBC host Joy Reid alleged that Border Patrol agents were using “whips” from the “slave era” to herd migrants at the southern border. (RELATED: Maxine Waters Says Accusations Of Border Patrol ‘Whipping’ Haitian Migrants Are ‘Worse Than What We Witnessed In Slavery’)

President Joe Biden said the border patrol agents “will pay” after the videos surfaced. In April, Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki then continued to dodge questions about Biden publicly apologizing to the Border Patrol officers accused of whipping migrants.

Biden has yet to apologize.

The Daily Caller contacted DHS about the letter, but they did not immediately respond.