Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells British Reporter To Go Back To The UK If She Doesn’t Like The Second Amendment

[Twitter/Screenshot/Marjorie Taylor Greene]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told a British journalist to go back to the U.K. if she has a problem with the Second Amendment.

Speaking at the Capitol Wednesday during a press conference, Greene said it was her “job to defend the Second Amendment.”

The unidentified journalist then said the U.K. doesn’t have mass shootings.

“We don’t have guns in the U.K., that is true, but we don’t have mass shootings either. And our children aren’t scared to go to school.”

“You have mass stabbings, lady,” Greene said. “You have all kinds of murder, and you’ve got laws against that.”

“Nothing like the same rates here,” the journalist pushed back.

“Well, you can go back to your country and worry about your no guns,” Greene responded. “We like ours here.” (RELATED: The Gun Control Legislation Will Strip You Of Rights – Then ‘Bankrupt’ You To Get Them Back)

The Senate voted Tuesday night to advance bipartisan legislation on gun control that includes “red flag” laws. The package includes $750 million to help states implement, in part, “extreme risk protection order programs.” These laws allow a court to confiscate a firearm from an individual who is believed to pose a threat.

The laws have received pushback from Republicans who claim they are unconstitutional.

“Republican Senators who voted to back Red Flag Laws are traitors to the Constitution and our country,” Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted.

The House Freedom Caucus said Monday they oppose any legislation “that implements ‘red flag laws’ and other unconstitutional gun control provisions.”