Read This Barclays Financial Note And Decide Whether God Hates Joe Biden, Or He’s Just Getting Tired Of Humanity


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Welcome to 2022, the year where every major threat to mankind will confluence to truly test our Darwinist instincts and potentially reset the course of Western civilization.

As if things weren’t terrifying enough, reading the Barclays financial note shared Thursday on Twitter essentially confirmed my above hypothesis. While most will turn the note into a climate change debate, I won’t. Sure, you might think “virtue signaling” is important right now, but it’ll never have more of an impact on your survival than the weather and how we manage our existence with planet Earth and each other.

Right now, we as a Western species are being hit with shortages that could lead to our mass starvation at worst, and food and energy rationing at the least. Or, as Noam Chomsky put it, the “most dangerous point in human history” where “the lucky ones will die more quickly.” No, I never thought I’d ever agree with this far-leftist on anything, but the data doesn’t lie.

Back in March, BlackRock President Rob Kapito predicted that shortages in raw materials and labor would remove normal items from our shelves. Shortly thereafter, Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer started noticing that it was near impossible to find basic feminine hygiene products in Washington, D.C. Germany and the United Nations warned a “global food catastrophe” would arrive before the middle of 2022. New York City declared a state of emergency over a lack of baby formula. American farmers issued a serious warning over food shortages thanks to rising fuel prices and inflation .

Then, people like former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke started suggesting that slowing the “growth in demand” by Americans was one means of fighting inflation and a financial recession. (RELATED: World Bank Boss David Malpass Gives Major Warning About Global Economy)

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I knew shortages of everything were coming well before that crusty old fart told us so, and our leaders still haven’t really told us what we’re in for or how to prepare. I think Powell, Bernanke and plenty of others knew that we were entering a moment where our overindulgence in goods and food was about to be cancelled harder than Morgan Wallen. I think it was easy to see that we’ve gone too far in our consumerism, but none of us really wanted to believe it.

If the 2020s have been anything, it ain’t consistent. It started with the pandemic-inspired labor shortages and upheavals in generational behavioral patterns in the workforce. From here, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade the breadbasket of Europe (Ukraine). Then, Indian wheat crops failed, and practically no one in the West cared other than someone at Reuters.

If you weren’t already aware, the weather controls your life more than any other single factor on the planet. We control war. We control the flow of water. We control what we choose to plant and harvest. It’s up to the weather to allow us to do so.

Our current Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell already cut the legs off President Joe Biden’s “Putin Price Hike” spin, and the Barclays note essentially confirms that the American people should be cutting back on our consumerism. While many are criticizing Biden for blaming Putin and everything but himself for making American this weak to things outside its control, there really are some things outside of his power. It’s like God either hates Biden, or he’s coming for us all.

We’ve been able to work with the weather forecasts for some time now, but humans are inherently schedule-dependent animals. We depend on consistency for our long-term success and growth. Unfortunately, we’re living in unstable times, and our governments aren’t going to save us.

Your job as an animal on this planet is to work with Mother Earth to ensure your survival. Grow a garden. Stock up on nonperishables. If you’re lucky and we work together, we’ll bounce back from these confluence of sh*tstorms just like Morgan Wallen did from being cancelled. So sure, it might look and feel like God hates Biden, given all that He’s thrown at him, but I have faith. Somehow or other, we’ll get through this, even if we have to free bleed and lose a few pounds to do so.

Hopefully. Let me know what you think.