‘F*ck America!’: Billie Joe Armstrong Says He’s Renouncing His Citizenship


Seth Roy Contributor
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Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman for Green Day, announced to a crowd in London Friday night that he will be renouncing his United States citizenship.

The 50-year-old musician was harsh on the country that gave him fame as an international rockstar. Armstrong told the large London crowd that the United States is “a miserable  f***ing excuse for a country.”(RELATED: Runway Model Imaan Hammam Graces The Cover Of Vogue Mexico)

In the video below, watch the famous musician go on his anti-American tirade:

I believe it would be a great idea if Armstrong actually went ahead and dumped his citizenship. If you hate the nation so badly, you are only hurting yourself by remaining.

During the boisterous Green Day show Friday, the band also made it a point to drag Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. They lit up the stage in red text reading “F*ck Ted Cruz.” I couldn’t imagine Cruz being very flattered by the messaging.

Armstrong should try grasping the fact that in other countries the opportunity to play in a boy band is not even feasible. The rhetoric he was spewing to that London crowd is embarrassing.

Hopefully the door doesn’t hit Armstrong on the behind on the way out!