Police Arrest 10 Abortion Protesters At Oregon Pregnancy Center After Smoke Bombs Get Thrown At Them

Dana Stancavage Contributor
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Police in Eugene, Oregon, arrested 10 protesters Friday night after a large crowd reportedly became unruly and threw smoke bombs at them.

Pro-abortion protesters promised a “Night of Rage” in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that sent the issue of abortion back to the states, leading to increased activities from law enforcement.

Individuals dressed in black assembled outside of an Oregon pregnancy center Friday night, according to police. The Eugene Police Department (EPD) charged nine people with disorderly conduct and one person with harassment, according to an official press release. One of those arrested for disorderly conduct was also charged with resisting arrest and “escape in third degree.” All of those charged are ages 18 to 29, with most on the younger end. (RELATED: ANDERSON: Here’s Why We Should Be Protecting Pregnancy Centers From Extremists)

“The crowd continued to grow and began blocking E. 11th Avenue by standing in the roadway. Some people were observed picking up rocks and several began putting on gas masks. One female had a chemical pump sprayer and she was pumping it up. Additional EPD Patrol resources were called in,” stated Eugene Police Department.

Prior to making the 10 arrests, the department said that an officer warned over 75 people on a public address system that arrests will be made for disorderly conduct. People in the crowd allegedly began to throw smoke bombs and water bottles at law enforcement.

Officers tried again to warn the protesters in the roadway over the crowd noise that they were subject to arrest, according to the release, but the protesters did not comply.

“After the first arrest, the crowd became extremely loud and verbally hostile toward the officers and tried to get through the line. EPD called in additional resources including Springfield Police Department and Department of Homeland Security,” stated EPD.

While some officers sustained small injuries, the pregnancy center in Eugene remained undamaged. Police continue to investigate other attacks on pro-life pregnancy resource centers across the country.