Ecuadorian Government Confirms Soldier Killed While Protecting Fuel Convoy, Several Others Injured

REUTERS/Adriano Machado

Mary Rooke Staff Writer
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A South American country is experiencing turmoil as anti-government protests led to an attack that killed one soldier and injured several others.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso confirmed that a soldier died during an attack on a fuel convoy by indigenous demonstrators, reported Reuters. Ecuador’s defense ministry said the fuel convoy’s seventeen diesel tankers were attacked by an armed group of people while traveling from the Shushufindi refinery to the ITT oil field, according to the outlet.

Lasso said that talks between indigenous leader Leonidas Iza and the Ecuadorian government would not continue after demonstrators attacked the convoy killing one soldier and injuring at least twelve others, Reuters reported.

“We will not return to dialogue with Leonidas Iza, who only defends his political interests and not those of his base. To our indigenous brothers – you deserve more than an opportunist for a leader,” Lasso said, reported Reuters. “Only when there are legitimate representatives of all the peoples and ethnicities of Ecuador, who seek real solutions and are open to a real and frank dialogue, will we return to the negotiating table.”

At least eight people have died and shortages of food and medical supplies have been linked to the marches and road blockades organized to protest the skyrocketing fuel and food prices in Ecuador, reported the outlet. (RELATED: Poll: Majority Of Americans Think Biden Is Intentionally Sending Gas Prices Sky High To Fuel Green Agenda)

A decision on how the group of indigenous people will respond to Lasso’s statement after Iza discusses the available options with his supporters, Lasso said at the official site of talks, reported Reuters.

The organization Iza leads, CONAIE, tweeted that Lasso’s choice to break off communication with Iza will cut off Lasso from the whole group.

“The government breaks off the dialogue confirming its authoritarianism, lack of will and incapacity,” tweeted CONAIE, according to Twitter’s translation. “@LassoGuillermo responsible for the consequences of his warmongering policy. We demand respect for our maximum leader. Lasso doesn’t break up with Leonidas, he breaks up with the people.”