Bull Bison Gores Man At Yellowstone National Park, Officials Report

MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Autumn Klein Contributor
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A 34-year-old man was attacked by a bison Monday while walking with his family near Yellowstone National Park’s Giant Geyser, according to a National Park Service news release. 

A bison charged the Colorado visitors while they were walking the boardwalk. The family did not flee, and the bison ended up goring the man, injuring his arm in the process, according to the news release

A video captured by Rob Goodell, another park visitor tracking the bison, reportedly captured the incident on camera.

As Goodell zooms in on the interaction, a small group of people are seen being charged by a bison. The bison appears to zero in on the child, prompting the man to intervene in an attempt to save the kid. Once the group ran from the scene, the bison is seen turning and walking the other way. 

The tourists got too close to the bison, Goodell told KTAL news

An ambulance transported the unnamed man to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to treat his injuries, the news release states. No updates on his condition have been released at this time and the incident remains under investigation.  

This is the second reported bison attack of the year at the national park prompted by tourists getting “too close to the animal and the bison responding to the perceived threat by goring the individual,” the news release states. (RELATED: Woman Approaches Bison At Yellowstone. It Gores Her And Tosses Her 10 Feet Into The )

The Park warned visitors to maintain a distance of at least 25 yards from bison as they can run up to three times faster than the average human.