Daily Caller Reporter Discovers Human Smuggling Route Between Mexico And Arizona

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A human smuggling route where migrants are illegally smuggled into the U.S. was discovered between Mexico and Arizona, Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Ventura reported.

A guide who works with cartels took Ventura and the Daily Caller video crew to the area where migrants are illegally smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border. A line of migrants from various countries climbed a rocky hill en route to Yuma, Arizona.

Hundreds of migrants from India, Venezuela, Cuba and various other countries ran alongside the border wall entering the U.S. The huge number of migrants has overwhelmed Border Patrol, Ventura said.

“We have hundreds of migrants just running in,” Ventura said. “In Yuma, Arizona, hundreds and hundreds of migrants from countries like India, Cuba, Venezuela, and more cross illegally in the middle of the night, overwhelming Border Patrol agents in this sector.”

Ventura said the smugglers and cartels could be heard dropping off the migrants from their vehicles in a hidden, wooded area in the middle of the night where they were prepared to enter the U.S. (RELATED: Daily Caller Reporter Confronts Greg Abbott On His Efforts To Stop Illegal Border Crossings) 

A couple of smuggled migrants told Ventura they came from Colombia and Cuba. A handful could be seen carrying infants and small children as they climbed the hill making their way into Yuma.

A separate daytime shot showed several migrants lined up against the border wall where one border agent appeared to be handling them.

Ventura previously reported that Mexican officials have not complied with agreements made with Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to enhance security on their side of the border to decrease the illegal flow of migration into the U.S. The Daily Caller field reporter asked what actions Abbott will take due to the officials’ inaction.

“The accountability may come soon, but we’ve been in discussion with our border neighbors about what they’ve been doing. I will tell you this, obviously the state right across the border is Coahuila … The governor of Coahuila is doing a lot, maybe as much as anybody to disband the caravans and people who would come across the border. His challenge is the same as my challenge and that is the president of his country,” Abbott told Ventura.