EXCLUSIVE: Migrant Mother Nearly Drowns With Son Attempting To Cross Rio Grande River Into US

[Daily Caller]

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A migrant mother and her son nearly drowned attempting to cross the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the U.S. on June 23.

The woman and her young son began crossing the river toward the U.S. border when Mexican officials were forced to intervene and guide the woman back to shore, according to the Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura.

The woman told officials she wanted to be saved by U.S. Border Patrol rather than Mexican officials, to which one official responded, “Think about your son,” Ventura reported.

Maverick County Deputy Constable Frank Bowles explained how a group of 10 migrants had, just prior to the woman and her son crossing, attempted to cross the river but were swept up in the current. Bowles said all it takes is five inches of water for a situation to become dangerous. (RELATED: ‘Accountability May Come Soon’: Abbott Pressed On What He’s Doing To Hold Mexico Accountable)

Ventura also recently captured footage of a 5-year-old boy who was found in Mexicali, Mexico, after a human smuggler abandoned him after his mother paid for him to be smuggled. Other video footage showed “hundreds” of migrants from various parts of the world swarming the southern border as agents were overwhelmed.