Liberals Reignite Their Outrage At Manchin, Sinema As Calls To Abolish Filibuster Percolate

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Liberal media figures reignited their outrage toward Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona over their opposition of reforming the filibuster.

President Joe Biden, along with congressional Democrats, have called for changing the filibuster in an effort to codify Roe v. Wade into law. The filibuster allows senators to block a vote on legislation unless 60 members vote to override it and end the debate.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar called on Manchin and Sinema, along with Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, to take a vote in order to show them turning their backs to women’s rights.

“At a MINIMUM, the Senate should get rid of the filibuster to codify Roe v Wade into law. Worried Manchin, Sinema, Collins and Murkowski won’t support it? Make them take a vote and go on the record choosing minority rule over women’s rights.”

“UNJUST Senators Manchin and Sinema will not back changing the filibuster to codify abortion,” patient advocate Peter Morley said. “They do NOT support women’s rights.”

Justice Correspondent for The Nation Elie Mystal criticized “self-defeating” elected officials who immediately change their minds on public policy when under pressure. He called on President Biden to convince Manchin and Sinema to vote along their party’s line in favor of reforming the filibuster. (RELATED: Manchin Vows Not To ‘Eliminate Or Weaken’ The Filibuster)

“Oh look, Biden said he wasn’t open to changing the filibuster to pass a federal abortion law, people loudly complained, and now he’s changed his mind,” Mystal said. “FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS! It’s almost like telling elected officials what we want them to DO makes them more likely to DO IT.

“Jesus Christ you self-defeating people. It’s not my job to convince Manchin and Sinema. It’s BIDEN’S JOB TO DO THAT. HE IS THE ONE ELECTED TO BE A LEADER,” he added.

“The View” co-host Joy Behar pointed fingers at the two senators Thursday, dubbing them “DINO’s” [Democrats In Name Only].

“Biden had a promising agenda and it was derailed by the DINOs in Congress, Manchin and Sinema. Manchinema, let’s call them Manchinema for now on,” she said. “That’s what happened. So to blame Biden, the guy is trying. He put a black woman on the Supreme Court which is good, there’s many things that he’s done.”

Democrats have taken swipes at Manchin and Sinema for backing the filibuster during their efforts to pass two pieces of legislation weakening voting restrictions. Sinema argued abolishing the filibuster will lead to greater division during a fiery speech in January.