Louisiana Councilman Tony Hardy Uses Homophobic Slur During Bar Fight


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Bodycam footage of former police chief and newly-elected Abbeville, Louisiana councilman Tony Hardy using a homophobic slur was released Wednesday.

The footage was captured during a bar fight while Hardy was running for office, WKRG reported. “Hey queer boy. Hey queer boy. You’ll never get a [bleep] chance like that again. You’ll never get another chance like that. I’ll hurt you next time,” Hardy can be heard saying in the clip, allegedly directed at the individual who tried to fight him, the outlet continued.

Hardy then turned to a police officer and said, “hey, I’m not doing nothing. Do you [bleep] job. Bring that [bleep] to jail. Bring this queer to jail,” he continued. An incident report from Abbeville Police stated that when officers arrived on the scene, Hardy and another man were engaged in a verbal altercation, WKRG reported. (RELATED: Parents Facing Murder Charges After Woman Found ‘Melted’ On Couch Get Released From Jail)

The owner of the bar told officers that she did not want anyone removed from the premises, but that Hardy and the man should be separated, the outlet continued. Officers were able to separate Hardy and the man, but Hardy then got into a physical fight with another man, the outlet reported.

“He just pushed him. Hey, hey, hey!” The officer said as he ran toward Hardy, who responded, “you saw that? I’m filing charges on that [bleep].” Bystanders reportedly said that Hardy had been antagonizing the man but did not throw the first punch, WKRG continued.

When he announced his run for Abbeville city council, Hardy wrote that “When choosing a councilman, you do not want someone who will waiver when faced with opposition. You want a strong, unwavering presence, one you know and can trust that will work to make sure your voice is heard, and your problems are solved,” in the Gueydan Journal.

The Daily Caller contacted the Abbeville division of the Louisiana Municipal Association, which includes a roster of local officials, including Hardy. The operator told the Caller that he’s “not commenting” at the moment.

Hardy is due to be sworn into office on Thursday, but the footage of him using the slur reportedly has many concerned, the outlet continued. You can watch the bodycam footage here: