Famous Actress Sydney Sweeney Releases Her Steamy Vogue Hong Kong Photos

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actress Sydney Sweeney released a steamy collection of photos for Vogue Hong Kong that has a lot of people talking — including some high-profile celebrities.

Sweeney posted a series of images to her Instagram account Thursday demonstrating the eclectic photoshoot she did for the magazine, and they were each stunning in their own, unique way. The first photo featured Sweeney in a hot pink number as she crouched on the ground in what appears to be an outdoor alleyway. It attracted instant attention from the likes of Jaleel White, Bella Thorne and Whitney Peak.


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Sweeney wore massive pink platform heels in that initial photograph and swapped them out for gym socks in the dramatically different photo that followed.

In picture number two, Sweeney wore a bright red bodysuit with a varsity sweater thrown casually on top, giving off retro 80s vibes. She had her head and chest on the floor with her derriere in the air in what appeared to be a set designed to mimic a basement in an older-style home. (RELATED: Khloe Kardashian’s Naked Tattoo Outfit Is A Showstopper)

She gave off steamy bride vibes while dressed in white attire and seated atop a car with flames at the very bottom for photo number three. Sweeney’s face was barely visible from beneath the tulle of her veil, but her gym socks were still on.

Sweeney went on to feature other images from her Vogue Hong Kong experience. The veil theme continued in another photo when she wore a plain black sheer one and gazed away from the camera with a vacant look on her face.

“JESUSE these are everything,” Bella Thorne wrote in the comments.