‘Blood On The Attorney General’s Hands’: Gun Rights Lawyer Reacts To Massive Leak Of Gun Owners Private Info

YouTube/Screenshot/Dana Loesch

Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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A gun rights lawyer warned of the danger posed to California gun owners after the state Attorney General’s Office leaked the private information of thousands of gun owners Monday.

“There are people out there who are scared because who knows how many people downloaded this information, who knows who they shared it with, who knows where this information has gotten to,” lawyer and the president of the California Rifle and Pistol Association Chuck Michel said Thursday during an interview with Dana Loesch.

The leak occurred a day after the California Department of Justice created a gun dashboard designed to, “improve transparency.” (RELATED: ‘Dissolve The Supreme Court’: Liberals Go Ballistic Over SCOTUS Upholding Gun Rights)

Michel expressed concern that many of the individuals whose information was leaked, including 244 judges and 420 reserve officers, were now in danger.

“We had a judge out here about 10 years ago who accidentally put his home address on his car registration. A bad guy found him and murdered him and his wife. So, the threat to human life that the attorney general has created by this is just immeasurable,” Michel said.

“There’s going to be blood on the attorney general’s hands over this. Somebody’s going to get hurt or killed,” Michel said.

A day after the data breach, the California Department of Justice released a statement acknowledging the data breach and encouraging those involved to take actions to prevent identity theft.

“This unauthorized release of personal information is unacceptable and falls far short of my expectations for this department,” Attorney General Rob Bonta said.

The California Department of Justice has not specified how the leak occurred.