Aussie Heiress Accused Of Having Sex With Teen Boy Multiple Times In A Day

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Olivia Pero Contributor
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The 45-year-old daughter of a renowned Australian horse breeder has been accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy multiple times in one day.

Police charged heiress Savannah Daisley with four aggravated sexual intercourse counts, accusing her of having sex with the teenage boy four times in North Shore during a 24-hour period in May 2021, the NZ Herald reported Thursday. Daisley, founder of detox business Smart Cleanse, appeared Tuesday in Waverley Court over the charges, according to the outlet.

She allegedly said she kissed the boy in a phone call tapped by the police, according to the NZ Herald. Police also presented the court with claims Daisley was significantly intoxicated when the alleged offense occurred, the outlet continued.

No pleas to the four charges had been submitted by Daisley. However, her lawyer indicated Daisley will refute the charges, the NZ Herald reported. She has denied the accusations against her, according to the New York Post.

After being apprehended Monday by the Child Abuse Unit, Daisley will reportedly remain in custody until she makes her next court appearance. She was denied bail by a judge, according to the NZ Herald. (RELATED: Marvel Star, Husband Convicted Of Sex With 13-Year-Old Girl)

Daisley’s father and distinguished horse breeder, Ross Daisley, previously offered to pay $10,000 to ensure she would return to the court if given provisional freedom, the outlet reported.

The heiress is reportedly expected back in court Aug. 23. The case was paused while it was transferred to Manly Court, a court closer to where she lives, according to the NZ Herald.

For the protection of the 14-year-old boy, a restraining order has been applied for by police, the outlet reported.