Tiny Human Dressed As Chuckie Gets Into Subway Fight In Terrifying Viral Video


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video of a tiny person — perhaps a child or someone with dwarfism — dressed as “Chuckie” went viral Thursday.

Fellow metro riders stared as the person dressed as “Chuckie” appeared to attack a woman in an attempt to steal her bag while they rode on a subway train in New York City, according to the account that shared the video. “Get the f**k off me. Give me my fucking bag, what is wrong with you? What the fuck?” the woman screamed as “Chuckie” fell to the ground with his arms still wrapped around the bag and then her leg.

It’s unclear, but a high-pitched screaming sound seems to be coming from the “Chuckie” doll. Instead of helping the woman, several onlookers filmed the attack on their cellphones. Eventually, the young woman managed to free herself from the attack.

“Chuckie” then attempted to chase after the woman, but was stopped as someone grabbed its hair and ripped off the terrifying mask. The video had already amassed 8,200,000 views by Friday morning, along with more than 270,000 likes. (RELATED: ‘Little Devil’ Found Guilty In Massacre Case)

The ridiculous attack comes after New York City reported a historically high crime record at the end of June. The city has reportedly experienced a 25.8% increase in violent crime so far this year compared to roughly the same time period in 2021. Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams called his jurisdiction a “laughingstock” for the city’s soaring rates of crime and violence.