REPORT: R. Kelly Sues Brooklyn Prison For Putting Him Under Suicide Watch

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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R. Kelly filed a law suit against the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn for putting him on suicide watch after he clearly stated he had no intentions of committing self harm, TMZ reported Friday.

Kelly’s suit claims MDC Brooklyn representatives are responsible for causing “cruel and unusual punishment” after placing him under the harsh conditions of being on suicide watch, according to TMZ. Kelly claims he is in a single cell without bed rails and has complained that he has no access to toilet paper or showers and isn’t being given the opportunity to shave. He has allegedly been forced to eat meals with his hands and isn’t permitted to communicate with his loved ones, the outlet reported.

Kelly’s suit hammers down on his allegations of being denied his 8th Amendment rights, because “he is not suicidal and expressly told MDC officials that he was not suicidal and had no thoughts of harming himself or others,” according to documents procured by TMZ.

The legal documents Kelly filed also cite that inmates placed under suicide watch are not offered any level of psychiatric care, the outlet noted.

Kelly’s attorney Jennifer Bonjean spoke out about the situation facing her client. “The irony of putting someone on suicide watch when they’re not suicidal is it actually causes more harm,” Bonjean said, according to CNN.

“It’s punishment for being high-profile. And it’s horrifying frankly,” Bonjean said. “To put someone under suicide watch under those conditions is cruel and unusual when they don’t need it.” (RELATED: 135 Teachers And Aides Facing Child Sex Crime Charges So Far In 2022)

The lawsuit filed by Kelly alleges the “MDC-Brooklyn has a policy of punishing high profile inmates by placing them under the harsh conditions of suicide watch even though they are not suicidal,” according to CNN.

Kelly is suing for damages from the emotional distress this situation has caused, TMZ reported.

The Bureau of Prisons has defended their policy, stating “The BOP is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population, our staff, and the public. Humane treatment of the men and women in our custody is a top priority,” according to the outlet.

Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for racketeering and sex trafficking charges.