Biden Demands Gas Prices Go Down, Elicits Praise From Chinese Official

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Alexander Pease Contributor
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President Joe Biden elicited a positive response from a Chinese Communist Party state official after taking to Twitter to call upon gas stations to lower their prices because of geopolitics.

Biden took to Twitter Saturday imploring companies running major gas stations to drop prices, asserting that “this is a time of war and peril.” His tweet garnered support from Chinese state media official Chen Weihua who praised Biden for finally realizing “that capitalism is all about exploitation,” Fox Business reported. (RELATED: Chinese Media Suggests US Is About To Boil Over With Conflict After SCOTUS Decision)

Weihua is the EU Bureau Chief at China Daily, the outlet continued.

China Daily is a Chinese state-run news agency controlled by the Chinese government that has paid American media outlets millions of dollars to publish Beijing propaganda, Vision Times reported.

While the Chinese state media official praised the President’s tweet, American billionaire Jeff Bezos bit back at Biden, accusing the administration of either misdirecting the American people or misunderstanding “basic market dynamics,” according to a recent tweet. (RELATED: You Know Things Are Bad For Biden When Bezos Starts Chirping)

The Biden Administration has repeatedly attributed high gas prices to Russia waging war on Ukraine but now seems to be implying that increased costs are due to deliberate price gouging.