Ohio Sleep-Away Camp Houses Kids Based On Their Gender Identity


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A sleep-away camp in Ohio vowed to house kids based on their gender identity instead of their biological sex, according to the camp’s gender inclusion policy.

Camp Akita’s Gender Diversity and Inclusion web page introduced updated summer 2022 policies for housing transgender and non-binary kids in the same housing spaces as cisgender kids. The website explains that “trans and gender-diverse campers are welcome in any cabin.”

The camp will continue to call the cabins “girls side” and “boys side,” though both sides will be “inclusive of trans and nonbinary campers,” the web page reads.

“We recognize that trans youth often face stressful, unwelcoming, and even hostile environments in their daily lives,” the camp said. “Camp Akita’s core values of community, authenticity, compassion, and acceptance extend to all campers, and ‘all’ includes those who are trans or gender-diverse.”

Camp Akita vowed to use the preferred pronouns and names of incoming campers. The camp said it will “use the names and pronouns that correspond with how campers introduce themselves,” regardless of whether those are different from registration papers.

In 2023, the camp has plans to create an “all-gender cabin option” that will be an “‘opt-in’ experience.” (RELATED: Trans 29-Year-Old Beats 13-Year-Old Female In New York Skateboarding Competition)

“[The all-gender cabin] is a good option for campers who prefer to bunk with children of other genders, campers who identify as non-binary, campers who want to bunk with a friend who is non-binary, or campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason,” the website reads.

Camp Akita said that parents will not be notified if a transgender camper is in their child’s cabin or if their child’s Counselor is transgender. The camp also said that questions about “gender identity” may be discussed during camp.

“Depending upon a camper’s comfort level, parents will not always be notified if their camper switches cabins,” the website said.

“It’s difficult to predict what topics of conversation will arise as campers and Counselors share about their lives and faith,” the website reads. “We do not have any kind of gender identity curriculum, but if gender identity comes up in conversation, we do not feel it is off limits just as race, ethnicity, religion, and other topics are not off limits when discussed with respect and authenticity.”

Camp Akita is accredited by the American Camp Association and the ministry of First Community Church in Columbus, Ohio. The camp’s website said it works with the American Camp Association and the organization “Transplaining” to create its gender-inclusive policies.

Camp Akita did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.