‘Insanity’: Student Petition Calls Out Principal Who Allegedly Wanted To Oust White Teachers

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Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A student-led petition called out a New York City principal for the alleged “insanity” that developed at the school after multiple white teachers were allegedly terminated, according to the New York Post.

Principal Paula Lev of the High School for Law and Public Service reportedly gave excess notices to four white employees at the school in the last year, according to a school insider talking to the New York Post in a piece published Saturday. The staffer reportedly said that “many more teachers … have voiced that they plan to leave and they feel demoralized.”

A 2021 complaint to the New York City Department of Education from a former employee claimed that the principal told a teacher she planned to “get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community.” The complaint is currently before the state Division of Human Rights, according to the New York Post.

Angel Dilawar, an incoming senior at the High School for Law and Public Service, started a petition arguing that the student body has “had enough and cannot bear to witness the utter disorganization and insanity at our school.”

“It is unfortunate that we have some new teachers that are super underqualified, and staff members that were fully experienced and qualified were excessed. It has been our experience that the lack of knowledge of a few new staff members has affected our learning,” the petition read. “It is frightening to imagine more similar staff members being hired who require student assistance to accomplish simple tasks. What’s even more scary is that those are some vital positions.”

Dilawar told the New York Post that the school’s principal is wasting money on frivolous items such as TV monitors and hoodies for school uniforms; meanwhile, violence has increased. Dilawar said in the petition that some students “do not feel comfortable or safe going to school.”

The rising senior also said that students are “discouraged and prohibited from standing up to faculty and expressing our opinions.” (RELATED: Colorado Teacher Sent To Re-Education Training For Suggesting To Teen That Trans Youth Regret Transitioning)

Lev told the Daily Caller that she is unable to respond as the Department of Education Press Office is closed for Independence Day. However, she prefaced that those “interested in the truth” would be “happy to learn the many ways my students are involved in the decision making process.”