Britney Spears Puts On A Bikini Show While On Her Honeymoon

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Britney Spears posted a bikini video to her Instagram page Monday and updated fans on the status of her honeymoon with a detailed caption.

The star set her video to Justin Bieber’s song “Honest,” featuring sultry lyrics that were a perfect match to her honeymoon bikini vibes. Spears showed off her signature dance moves while in the water and repeatedly scooped some sand to smear it all over her body, all while never missing a beat. Her on-trend mix-and-match bikini was as bright as the description of her current situation.

“Of course on my honeymoon the suns not out !!! The moment you beautiful people say … ‘The sun will always be out in California…'” Spears wrote, followed by a series of sarcastic emojis.


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Spears looked vibrant and happy as she played with her hair, played in the water and shared her thoughts with her 41.8 million Instagram followers. The star has worn a similar bikini top on social media before, but this time she mix-and-matched the bikini bottoms, giving her honeymoon swimwear a flirty, playful energy.

Spears paired the hot-pink cheetah-print bottoms with a lime green bikini top that had hot pink straps. Her outfit added a splash of color to the beach in lieu of the sunshine she seemed to be missing. She updated fans on what she’s been doing since the weather hasn’t been what she hoped for. (RELATED: Famous Lifestyle Model Alexia Daye Sends Summer Vibes In A Chain-Link Bikini)


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“It’s raining cats & dogs … I’m watching Matthew McConaughey in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days … which is my fave comedy of all time … and eating fruit cause its too hot and muggy to eat hot food !!!” Spears wrote.

“Good God just the fruit here … its cold and when it registers on my tongue … it melts and puts me in bliss silence but there is still the smallest crunch sound with the watermelon … so as I sing in the rain and possibly play in the muddy sand which is on my bucket list …..” Spears added.