REPORT: Police Raid Home Of Suspected July 4 Parade Shooter

Screenshot/YouTube/CBS Chicago

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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FBI agents in full tactical gear raided the home of Robert Crimo on Monday, shortly before arresting the suspect in the deadly Highland Park, Illinois shooting July 4.

Agents raided the suburban Chicago home Crimo lives in with his family at 4:30 pm after he was identified as a “person of interest” in the massacre, according to TMZ. Agents with assault rifles exited an armored vehicle and positioned themselves in front of the front and side entrances of the home, a video shows.

“It’s the FBI. If you’re inside, come out with your hands up,” one agent yelled as he pounded at the door. At the same time, other agents pointed their guns at the windows of the home. They eventually gained access through an unlocked door, the outlet reported.

FBI agents repeatedly identify themselves in the short video clip as they assemble to enter Crimo’s home. A witness revealed that Crimo’s father drove up to his home while the raid was in progress, and spoke with the FBI agents on the scene. He reportedly placed a call to his son which went unanswered and proceeded to leave a message indicating the FBI wanted to speak with him. (RELATED: Uvalde Teacher Played Dead After Getting Shot, And He’s Sharing The Harrowing Tale)

Witnesses also reported that the FBI agents remained on the scene for several hours and took a number of photographs. One witness reportedly recalled hearing agents say they found “some interesting things,” although it remains unclear if they removed anything from the home.

After an intense manhunt and raiding his home, police arrested Crimo. He was dressed in all black and driving his Honda Fit at the time he was spotted on the road and taken into police custody. At least six people were killed and more than two dozen were injured in the attack.