Travis Scott Pauses His Concert When Fans Engage In Dangerous Behavior

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Travis Scott paused his Monday concert at Coney Art Walls in Coney Island when attendees began hanging from the trusses and exhibiting dangerous behavior.

Scott demonstrated a heightened level of awareness when an unexpected situation unfolded during his concert. He took the stage at roughly 8 p.m. and DJ’d a set before beginning to perform with Meek Mill, according to TMZ. The massive crowd was packed tight, and video footage shows the moment fans decided to climb the trusses, immediately drawing attention to the risk they posed to themselves and others.

Two men climbed to the top of the trusses then positioned themselves in the seated position and started to take selfies, as seen in the video. They bounced up and down to the tune for a few brief moments while Scott played his hit song “Anecdote.”  Upon seeing the action overhead, Scott ceased his performance and ordered the concertgoers to get down.

The music halted but Scott retained the microphone and issued instructions to the men that had been dangling from the top of his staging. “I need y’all to get down,” Scott said.

“Hey yo my bro, just make sure you’re ok though my brother,” Scott said, as the men cooperated with his requests and began to make their way down the sides of the trusses by carefully shuffling off the equipment.(RELATED: Travis Scott’s Lawyers Take Aim At New Documentary, Calling It A ‘Propaganda Piece’)

Scott engaged his audience while encouraging the men to continue to disembark from the spot.

“Everybody ok … let me hear ya say hell yeah,” Scott said.

Scott continued to command the microphone and provided some step-by-step guidance to the men and those who were assisting them.

“Take two steps back …” Scott said as he attempted to assist the process.

This incident occurred in the midst of Scott’s legal woes, as he continues to battle a series of lawsuits filed against him since the Astroworld tragedy. 10 people died of compression asphyxia during a crowd surge. Hundreds of others were injured, according to RollingStone.