Ohhhh, Now We Understand Why They Wanted Andrew Schulz To Edit His Comedy Special


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Andrew Schulz released an Instagram post Monday claiming that an unnamed streaming service refused to air his special “Infamous” unless he cut a number of jokes.

Schulz released an Instagram video shortly after his post, explaining that he’s “not gonna edit my material and cut out jokes [because] a network is worried about Twitter backlash.” Schulz then released a six minute clip from the special to his more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, which has already netted more than 60,000 likes.

The clip is one of the funniest, closest to the knuckle bits on abortion you could possibly hope to see. At one point, he calls the abortion clinic he used to live near in New York a “carnival.” He even comes out with a Harry Potter-themed abortion joke, unique quips on modern sonograms, and doesn’t seem to fall heavily on either side of the abortion debate.

Apparently, the Harry Potter joke got Schulz in trouble with the network. Particularly, the network was worried about backlash from when Schulz says “fetus deletus!” which is probably the funniest part of the entire clip. (RELATED: Comedian Ricky Gervais Gives Glimpse Into The Awards Show Speech He Would Give Celebrities To Their Faces)

Schulz’ special comes out shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. The ruling sent the regulation of abortions back to the states, where many representatives and left-wing politicians have started referring to pregnant women as “pregnant people,” but have yet to give a definition on what a “pregnant person” actually is. I think it means “woman” but in woke.

Schulz did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller for comment. You can watch the clip here: