Highland Park Gunman Considered Conducting A Second Mass Shooting In Wisconsin, Police Say

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The alleged Highland Park shooter considered committing another mass shooting in Madison, Wisconsin, police announced Wednesday.

New developments revealed the alleged shooter, Robert Crimo, “seriously contemplated” committing a second mass shooting at a Fourth of July celebration in Madison, Deputy Chief of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Chris Covelli said in a press conference. Crimo had approximately 60 rounds of ammunition in the car with him at the time.

“He seriously contemplated using the firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting in Madison,” Covelli stated.

The deputy chief told reporters Crimo likely did not put enough “thought and research” into a potential planned attack in Wisconsin.

Covelli reported Tuesday that Crimo escaped to Madison after the shooting to drop his phone and mislead authorities before returning to Illinois.

Authorities are still unaware of the suspected shooter’s motivation, but Crimo admitted to having an “affinity” toward the numbers 4 and 7, Covelli said. Police could not confirm that he had initially planned to drive to Madison to commit another shooting, Covelli added. (RELATED: REPORT: Police Raid Home Of Suspected July 4 Parade Shooter)

The shooting killed seven people and injured over 40 others at the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Covelli told reporters Tuesday that an unknown female witness saw Crimo drop an object into a red bag. Police have not yet been able to find the witness, he said.

Reports came out Tuesday that Crimo wore women’s clothing, likely to hide his tattoos during the shooting, and opened fire from the roof of a business overlooking the parade. Authorities believe he had planned the attack for several weeks.

The suspect had two prior encounters with police in 2019 after he attempted to commit suicide and threatened to “kill everyone.” Law enforcement found Crimo in possession of 16 knives, a dagger and a sword in his home.