Nancy Pelosi Proves It’s Pretty Easy To Smuggle Bombs Into Europe


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Why aren’t we all talking about the absolute bombshells Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had kept hidden until her weekend Fourth of July vacation?

Pelosi, and her husband Paul, both 82, spent the holiday weekend hanging out at the hyper-exclusive Alpemare Beach Club on the Italian coastline. There they were joined by iconic tenor Andrea Bocelli, his wife, and others, according to the New York Post. By “others,” I assume the outlet meant Pelosi’s humongous breasts, which could probably create their own orbit.

Pelosi was basically falling out of her blue shirt—or bathing suit—who even cares what she’s wearing?! She was barely wearing it. (RELATED: Pelosi Gives Bizarre, Borderline Incoherent Response To Roe V. Wade Question, Calls SCOTUS Leak ‘Fake’ Opinion)

The Speaker typically looks frail and lanky, with her eyebrows often seeming to disappear somewhere high above her hairline. But that’s “D.C. Nancy.” This new version of Pelosi will now be known as “Vacation Nance,” who appears to be the speaker’s way more fun European alter-ego.

So while Americans were paying about 17% more for their Fourth of July family get-togethers, Vacation Nance and her hubs celebrated America’s birthday thousands of miles away from this great country. Then again, would they have even had fun stateside?

Pelosi’s husband is facing jail time after being busted for driving under the influence in Napa Valley, California about a month ago. D.C. Nancy’s Democrats are poised to lose control of the Senate and House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms, so perhaps this exclusive getaway was a last hurrah for the couple before their lives and careers fall apart.

A husband facing jail time and losing control over the country are problems that belong to D.C. Nancy, not Vacation Nance! Of course, they wouldn’t be her problem if she just stopped running for political office and lived a life of luxury with the millions upon millions of dollars she and her husband have made throughout her political career.

Maybe they could spend some of their money on a private driver? Just an idea.