Nick Kyrgios Accused Of Domestic Assault In Middle Of Wimbledon Tournament

(Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

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Wimbledon semifinalist Nick Kyrgios joked Tuesday that he might be playing the final matches of his career after his ex-girlfriend accused him of assault.

Kyrgios has come under scrutiny during the Tennis major championship after his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari accused him of grabbing her, according to Reporters asked Kyrgios about the allegation after his practice session Tuesday.

“I feel like I’m in ‘The Last Dance,'” Kyrgios said as he exchanged smiles with the man walking beside him.

Passari has denied claims that timing played a role in her coming forward with the allegations ahead of his the Australian tennis star’s match against Chile’s Cristian Garín, according to Kyrgios defeated Garín in the quarterfinal match Wednesday.

Kyrgios, who is currently ranked No. 40 in the world, is set to appear at the ACT Magistrates Court in August on one charge of common assault after an incident in December 2021, according to the Canberra Times. The charge carries a maximum of two years in jail. (RELATED: REPORT: The NFL Might Give Deshaun Watson An Indefinite Suspension)

“The Last Dance” is a Netflix docuseries based on Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, the New York Post noted. The series’ title comes from the name that the Chicago Bulls’ players and coaches gave to the 1997-98 season, which many knew would be Jordan’s final performance. 

Kyrgios’ lawyer, Jason Moffett, told the Canberra Times, “the nature of the allegation is serious, and Mr. Kyrgios takes the allegation very seriously.” 

Kyrgios and Passari ended their relationship in October 2021, and he has since begun a public relationship with blogger and social media influencer Costeen Hatzi, who has been seen cheering on her boyfriend in the stands at Wimbledon, the New York Post reported.