Washington School Board Director Wants To Teach 9-Year-Olds About Sexual ‘Pleasure’


Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A Washington school board director and sex shop owner plans to host a seminar on “sexual anatomy for pleasure” for kids as young as nine-years-old, according to a description of the event.

Jenn Mason, the owner of WinkWink Boutique, is hosting a two-day workshops for kids aged nine to twelve and another for kids aged 13-17. The workshops will focus on “gender and sexual identities,” “sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction,” “kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities,” and “the ethics and realities of sexualized media and pornography,” according to a description of the event.

Tickets are available on a “sliding scale” of $5 to $50, according to the event. Attendees are told to “select the price level that best fits your financial situation.”

Mason bills her sex shop as an “inclusive, all-ages, not creepy” environment. She offers coaching services, including a 50-minute sex coaching session, according to her website.

The sex shop owner also sits on the board of directors for Bellingham Public Schools. Jason Rantz of KTTH in Seattle reported that the seminar on sexual “pleasure” is not part of her work with the school district.

Mason told KTTH that the course will focus on “understanding the basics of sexual anatomy,” “biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

“The class for nine-twelve-year-olds is an introduction to topics related to relationships, puberty, bodies, and sexuality,” Mason said. “We focus on what makes healthy vs. unhealthy friendships and romantic relationships, the science of how puberty works, consent and personal boundaries, defining ‘sex,’ and discussing why people may or may not choose to engage in sexual activities.”

Mason hosted a “queer youth” open mic night for those aged 0-18, according to a separate report from KTTH. The free event allotted children five minutes to perform music and poetry alongside dildo displays at the sex shop. (RELATED: School Board Director To Host ‘Queer Youth’ Event At Sex Shop For ‘All Ages’)

Mason did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.