John ‘Shrek’ McPhee Talks About Experiencing And Witnessing ‘Old Evil’ On Target

John "Shrek" McPhee (Credit: Daily Caller, John McPhee)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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John “Shrek” McPhee has experienced some incredibly strange stuff in war.

During my interview with the former Delta Force commando, I asked if he had ever experienced or witnessed something in war that was truly unexplainable, and his answer didn’t disappoint. It turns out he has felt evil that is hard to describe, and it would scare even the toughest of guys from wanting to hit a target.

“There’s houses that you will go in in Iraq or Afghanistan where they actually behead people and rape people, and they’ve been doing it in this location for generations because this is where the tribe, family, whatever you want to call it, lives,” McPhee explained when talking about paranormal and strange situations on target.

He further added, “I have been places where you didn’t want to be there. All the hair stands up on my body … There’s evil in the world. There’s old evil in the world. I’ve felt it. It’s out there. I believe a lot of guys drag that old evil sh*t back here too.”

You can watch and listen to his full comments in the interview below.

Yeah, you can count me out of any situation where there’s so much evil in the air that it gets the hair on your body to stand up. That’s going to be a very hard pass from me!

Clearly, there’s stuff going on in this world that is downright evil and awful.

Make sure to check out the entire interview with McPhee. He’s a fascinating guy!