Terrifying Anaconda Attack Caught On Video

Not the snake mentioned in the story. REUTERS/Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi (SRI LANKA)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A fishing guide narrowly avoided losing his life after he was attacked by an anaconda in Brazil.

The footage shows the guide, Joao Severino, 38, leaning over the snake, according to video shared by the New York Post. As the snake leaps out of the water, Severino jerks the camera backwards and yells in shock as he’s bitten. Laughter can be heard after Severino and the others on the boat realized they were no longer in danger.

It’s unclear how large the animal was, but anacondas can reach as much as 30 feet in length, according to Live Science. The average female anaconda is around 15 feet long and males are about 9 feet, the outlet noted.

Severino, an angling expert, spotted the massive snake while guiding tourists through the Araguaia River in Goias, Brazil, the outlet continued. (RELATED: Violent Swan Attacks Wake Surfer In Hysterical Video)

Brazil is a hotspot for semi-aquatic green anacondas, and while they are non-venomous, they use their sheer size to crush their prey and swallow it whole, according to Round Glass. They’re some of the world’s heaviest snakes and some of longest, the outlet noted.

They hunt both above and below the water, Round Glass continued. They’re particularly agile in the water, and have been known to eat turtles, crocodiles, jaguars, wild pigs, deer, and even humans, according to Rainforest Cruises.