Twerking Rhode Island State Sen. Unveils New Campaign Material

Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: libsoftiktok

Nicholas Pope Contributor
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Democratic Rhode Island State Sen. Tiara Mack unveiled an array of twerk-themed digital campaign material Thursday, days after her viral twerking video broke the internet.

Mack rose from relative obscurity when she posted a TikTok video of herself twerking on her head. When backlash mounted, Mack derided critics of her exhibition as “unhinged.” (RELATED: ‘It’s A Long Tradition In Rhode Island’: Sheldon Whitehouse Defends Membership At Allegedly All-White Private Beach Club)

Mack shared new digital posters to her Twitter feed Thursday morning. The posters are colorful graphic designs focusing on progressive causes that Mack will “#TwerkFor.”

Mack also boasted of her progressive education policies in a Wednesday TikTok post. “I introduced a comprehensive, age-appropriate, culturally-relevant, pleasure-based sexual health curriculum in Rhode Island in 2021,” she stated.

She also claimed that her skin color and sexual orientation are why the original twerking video has received backlash.

“Did I know that the internet was gonna respond this way? It is 2022 and I am a black woman. Of course, deep down— not even that deep— I knew that y’all would act this way towards a black queer woman,” Mack stated in the video. “Y’all gotta treat black queer women better, please,” she concludes.

Mack is seeking reelection to the Rhode Island state Senate later this year. She describes herself as a “queer educator” in her Twitter bio and supports such progressive causes as the Green New Deal and a $15 minimum wage, according to her website. She also believes that “the education system pushes black and brown students into lower level classes or into the prison system.”

Mack included a link to an ActBlue fundraising page alongside the digital posters, suggesting that they are part of a fundraising effort. Mack did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment on the expected success of the fundraising drive.