Dog Learns How To Walk Like A Human After Near-Death Experience

Dexter walks on two feet. (Screenshot. Twitter @CBSEveningNews)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A dog in Ouray, Colorado learned to walk on two feet like a human after a near-death experience, CBS News reported.

As a puppy, Dexter, a bicolor Brittany Spaniel, dashed from his front yard, darted into traffic, and got hit by a car, causing him to lose one front leg and heavily damage the other one, owner Kentee Pasek told CBS News. The bipedal dog used a wheelchair for quite a while, CBS News reported. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hit By A Missile’: Dogs, Cats Injured By Ukraine War Get Aid At Border)

One day, Pasek sat her dog at the foot of her porch without the wheelchair, and ran inside her house to get a cup of coffee, only to find that he had moved to the top of the stairs while she was away, CBS reported. She moved him back to the bottom of the stairs and used her phone to record him walking.

Ever since that happened six years ago, Dexter has starred in parades and gained a heavy social media following, CBS reported. He receives hundreds of letters every month expressing gratitude.

“I am recovering from intensive radiation treatments for breast cancer and you certainly bring joy to my day,” one card reads.

“Dexter shows us, why aren’t you out there writing the book you want to write? Why aren’t you out there doing the things you want to do? Because he has,” Pasek said