Los Angeles School District Provides ‘Queer All School Year’ Calendar For Year-Round LGBT Lessons

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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The largest public school district in California provided a “Queer All School Year” calendar to educators to create year-round LGBTQ lessons and training sessions, according to documents obtained by a concerned parent organization.

Los Angeles Unified School District’s “Queer All School Year” calendar is used as the “queer and trans-affirming school calendar,” according to the document obtained by Parents Defending Education. The calendar lists a monthly event to help promulgate the LGBTQ agenda for youth.

In August, educators are told to help kids start a Gay Straight Alliance club or a “Rainbow Club” at their school. The calendar links to GLSEN’s (pronounced “glisten”) “Solidary Week” and a website that reminds teachers that it is California law to teach LGBTQ topics to kids. In September, educators are called to “teach LGBT-inclusive curriculum all year.” (RELATED: GLSEN: An Instrumental Organization Responsible For Infiltrating Schools With LGBT Ideology)

October is named “LGBT History Month,” according to the calendar. Educators are called to attend the district’s “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students Conference.” In November, educators are asked to schedule an appointment with the district’s Diversity and Equity division to obtain “pronoun pins” and “LGBT History Poster[s],” according to a link from the calendar.

December’s LGBTQ calendar goal is to post the “LGBTQ-affirming signs” in employees’ “office, classroom, and around campus.”

In the second semester of the school year, employees are called to “read inclusive books in every grade” in January. Books listed include “I Am Jazz,” which features a young child transitioning to another gender, and “They She He Me: Free to Be!” which teaches kids about preferred pronouns.

Similarly, in June, educators are told to share a document titled, “OUT for Safe Schools K-12 Reading List.” Books on the reading list include, “Two Boys Kissing,” “Gender Identity,” “Transgender Lives: Complex Stories, Complex Voice,” “Gender Issues,” “This Book Is Gay,” “LGBTQ Families: The Ultimate Teen Guide,” “Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens” and “Transgender People.”

“Black Lives Matter in Schools Week of Action,” which pushes for transgender ideology, is promoted for Los Angeles students in February, according to the calendar.

In March and April, educators are asked to ensure “everyone’s name and gender pronouns are affirmed” and “hold a workshop for parents/caregivers” about sexual orientation, gender, identity and expression. The March portion of the calendar links to a document that states, “all students have the right to be referred to by their chosen name/pronouns, regardless of their legal or school records.”

“Although only parents/guardians or students 18+ can request changes in the student information data bases, schools must address a student by their affirmed name/gender pronouns,” the document reads.

Nicole Neily, the founder and president of Parents Defending Education, told the Daily Caller that Los Angeles Unified School District is “failing” to educate students in subjects such as reading and mathematics.

“[Los Angeles Unified School District] boasts an annual budget of $18.5 billion, yet is failing to perform the basic task of actually educating students. Rather than injecting trendy social justice programming into the school year, perhaps the district would be better served addressing its abysmal proficiency rates for reading and mathematics at all grade levels,” Neily said.

“‘Queer all year’ might be a great bumper sticker slogan,” Neily continued. “But, it does nothing to help disenfranchised students master the knowledge they need to succeed in life.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District told the Daily Caller that it “supports and respects the diversity of our students and families, which includes providing safe and affirming learning environments.”

This article has been updated to include comment from the Los Angeles Unified School District.