REPORT: Mountain Lion Stalks Little Kids, Dog Sacrifices Its Life While Family Watches From Inside

Not the same mountain lion from the story. (Photo: Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A family dog named Lady rescued four siblings from a mountain lion stalking their front yard in Idaho Springs, Colorado, on June 14, KDVR reported.

The Chihuahua-pit bull mix began barking as the children played on the swing set and their father was working in the garage, according to the dog’s owner, Virginia Havens, Concho Valley reported.

“The nature of the barking was so uncharacteristically aggressive,” Havens told Concho News.

Lady started charging at the mountain lion that was right behind one of the daughters on the swing, Havens recalled. The family ran inside their home and watched from an upstairs window as Lady and the mountain lion fought in the front yard. (RELATED: Colorado Man Finds A Mountain Lion Eating An Elk On His Porch)

“If she had not been there, this would have been a very different tragedy,” Havens told Concho News. “I could have been laid up in the hospital going against that lion if she had not been there.”

The family does not own a firearm, so the Havens started throwing heavy objects at the cat as it pinned Lady down, Concho News reported. The father used a BB gun to shoot at the wild animal.

“If she had not been there, the kids would have been really, really in danger,” Havens told Concho News.

After Havens called 911, the Idaho Springs Police Department arrived and shot non-lethal rounds at the cat, who is nowhere to be found, Concho News reported.

The family thanked Lady and said goodbye before they put her to sleep due to her serious injuries, Concho News reported.