Wild Bar Fight Ruins Birthday Celebration In Viral Video

[Screenshot/Instagram/Aryaan Misra]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A birthday celebration turned violent after two men got into a brawl in the middle of a New York City restaurant in a viral video first posted June 25.

A pair of diners sat at an outdoor table singing “Happy Birthday” as a waiter served an ice cream sundae with a sparkling candle on top. The brawl immediately disrupted the celebration after one man violently shoved the other into an unoccupied table, then proceeded to push the man into the diners’ table again, after which he grabbed the man by the shirt and threw him to the side.

The other man picked up one of the restaurant tables and charged his opponent with it, footage showed. The two swung their arms at each other, and one of the men started shouting aggressively.

“I’m so sick of fucking everything,” one said. “Every fucking day.”

Another angle of the altercation showed a bystander picking up a chair and throwing it toward the brawling men. The man who allegedly began the fight started walking toward his enemy while holding a chair. The bystander seemingly attempted to mediate their argument before the physical altercation began. (RELATED: Hayden Panettiere Caught On Video In Hugh Bar Fight; Gets Patron In Epic Headlock)

“Give me my shit,” he appears to say, as the man runs away from him. It appeared that the man in the black t-shirt had his car keys taken by the two others standing near him before the fight broke out.

The footage, initially posted to Instagram, was captioned “The wildest fight in downtown nyc as I was celebrating my friend’s 21st.”

The post spread like wildfire across social media, garnering 246,536 views in the post uploaded by Aryaan Misra, who said the incident occurred as he celebrated his friend’s 21st birthday. The video posted by the Twitter account @tize4PF earned 8.5 million views, over 32,000 retweets and 258,000 likes, according to Newsweek.