Screaming Activists Occupy Ritzy Beach Towns

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Nicholas Pope Contributor
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Left-wing activists affiliated with New York Communities For Change (NYCFC) launched disruptive protests over the weekend in several beach towns as part of the organization’s “#OccupyTheHamptons” demonstrations.

NYCFC protested on behalf of “climate action & green, social housing for all,” according to its Twitter page. Activists criticized wealthy Hamptonites as “directly responsible for the results of climate change” while sporting banners calling for governments to “tax the rich,” footage posted to Twitter shows.

First, protesters blocked off Southampton’s Main Street on Friday afternoon, when many weekenders travel to the Hamptons.

Protesters eventually paraded through a swanky private beach Saturday. Many of the activists in the Saturday procession sported orange shirts and carried pitchforks with them, video shared to Twitter shows. The activists questioned beach-goers while marching with signs that read “billionaires are killing us” and “inequality kills.” (RELATED: Traffic Jams, Mass Arrests, Piles Of Litter: Five Days Of Climate Change Protests Rock London)

For their Sunday demonstrations, protesters once again returned to block the streets of Southampton and East Hampton.

Additionally, separate groups of activists marched on “billionaire’s row,” a section of the Long Island beach community that is home to some of the wealthiest individuals in the United States.

After a full weekend of protesting, the NYCFC activists still had one more demonstration. A group of protesters arrived at the East Hampton Airport to shut it down as wealthy weekenders arrived for their flights from the island, the NYCFC stated on Twitter. (RELATED: Climate Protester Zip-Ties His Neck On Field During High-Profile Sporting Event)

The group erected a wooden structure in the airport’s main entrance and placed one of its activists on top of it. They also blocked the entrance with seated protesters so that cars could not circumvent the structure, NYCFC Twitter footage appeared to show. Others participated in “tax the rich” chants and held signs, one of which read “the 1% is stealing everyone’s future,” other footage posted to the NYCFC account shows.

Authorities arrested five of the activists at the airport, the NYCFC stated through its Twitter.

The mission of the NYCFC is to “fight against economic oppression by building campaigns from the ground up that challenge capital and oppressive economic systems” and to “resist fascist and racist policies,” its website says.

NYCFC stated in a tweet that authorities arrested 16 of its activists during the four days of protest.

New York state currently maintains one of the highest marginal income tax rates for high-income taxpayers in the United States, according to TaxRates.Org.

NYCFC did not respond to the Daily Caller’s requests for comment regarding the goals of their Hamptons protest and whether they intend to organize similar protests in the future.