Local Dem Org Bans Congressional Candidate Who Opposes Biological Men In Women’s Sports From Forum

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Local Brooklyn-based Democratic political clubs excluded Democratic congressional candidate Maud Maron from a candidate forum due to her alleged position on gender identity.

The clubs, New Kings Democrats, Lambda Independent Democrats, Brooklyn Young Democrats, South Central Brooklyn United for Progress and Equality New York, collectively decided to exclude the candidate due to her alleged spreading of “hate and misinformation about gender identity and the transgender community,” they announced in a press release.

The clubs criticized her opposition on President Joe Biden’s expansion of Title IX to include protections for student athletes on the basis of their gender identity. In an op-ed for Newsweek, Maron argued that women’s sports face an “existential threat” by allowing biological males to compete in women’s competitions.

“When men can compete on women’s sports teams and against women, women lose,” Maron wrote in March. “Girls and women lose the races and competitions to people born boys and men. They lose scholarship opportunities, sponsorship dollars and the dignity of knowing your hard work, talent and discipline can pay off.”

The clubs argued that Maron is causing a “moral panic” around transgender people, citing a separate op-ed arguing that “men who want to be women will be treated as though they are women.” (RELATED: ‘Not Winning A Formula’: Bloomberg Railed Against Democrats’ Fixation On Transgender Issues On 2019) 

“We note that Maron does not make these same curious equivocations with  ‘biological men’ losing out to transgender men in any of her writings. Often the moral panic centers transgender women specifically as if their existence denotes some existential and physical threat to cisgender women. It is easy to reduce the humanity of someone when you paint them as a threat. We emphasize concerns like these as they are often the foundational signals leading up to the justification of violence against transgender people, in particular transgender women,” the clubs wrote.

Maron said her exclusion from the forum is an “ideological party purge” that favors far-left candidates to moderates.

“The Brooklyn Democratic Clubs’ refusal to include me in a candidate forum shows that the ideological party purge continues, to the detriment of the Democratic Party and our voters,” she said in a statement. “As Democrats, we value diversity and inclusion, and yes, that includes diversity of opinion too. While crime is ravaging our city and the cost of living is driving people out, candidate forums should give New Yorkers the opportunity to hear from every candidate, especially one addressing the issues affecting everyday New Yorkers.”

“A forum that is an echo chamber leads to policies such as Defund the Police which has resulted in a significant increase in crime and decrease in quality of life.”

Maron cited New York City schools losing over 80,000 students since 2019, more than $20 billion in income departing the city and a 74% increase in murder as the “unprecedented challenges” facing New Yorkers.

“Our city and our neighbors are facing unprecedented challenges and we need serious candidates to address serious problems,” her statement continued. “Not inviting the only moderate candidate in the race to a forum in the name of an illiberal ideology is simply not serious.”

The Brooklyn Democratic Party and the South Central Brooklyn United for Congress did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.