Adult Entertainment Company Sends Zach Wilson Lucrative Offer

Reuters/Rich Barnes

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Adult entertainment company CamSoda offered New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson $69,000 to help recruit MILFs to their site after reports surfaced Monday suggesting he had engaged in an intimate experience with his mother’s best friend.

Wilson’s name has been splashed across the headlines after allegations emerged that he had engaged in a physical relationship with his mother’s best friend, an the incident turned out to work in the star athlete’s favor, according to a press release sent directly to the Daily Caller. CamSoda saw the appeal in having a high profile figure such as Wilson becoming a representative and spokesperson for their brand, and they’re offering big bucks in exchange for his involvement, according to Vice President of CamSoda Daryn Parker’s offer letter obtained by the Daily Caller.


“How has your summer been? By the sounds of it, extra hot,” Parker wrote in the opening statement of his offer letter.

“While your actions may be deemed unsportsmanlike conduct in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, they sure aren’t at CamSoda,” Parker said.

“We’d like to give you an offer this offseason to be CamSoda’s first official ‘Head MILF Recruiter’ to help the CamSoda team identify MILFs on Instagram who would be a good fit to perform on the site,” Parker said. (RELATED: ‘MILF And Wife-Next-Door’: Colorado Cop Becomes OnlyFans User, Retires With $30,000 After Co-Workers Find Out)

The offer presented to Wilson was backed up with a sizable financial offer. “For each MILF you find for the site, you will make $69,000 a pop,” Parker said.

The adult entertainment site went on to describe their proposal as being a “mutually beneficial partnership,” before encouraging Wilson to reach out to them if he had any questions.

Wilson has not yet issued a public response or statement.