Are The Emmys Serious? There Is No Reason Yellowstone Should Have Been Snubbed From 2022 Nominees

Yellowstone (Credit: Screenshot/Yellowstone https://twitter.com/Yellowstone/status/1433474813448757261)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone,” one of the highest-rated shows in the history of television, was snubbed by the 2022 Emmy nominations Tuesday, along with the cast, creators, crew and “1883.”

There is a special place in stupidity for whoever decided to leave “Yellowstone” and its creators, cast and production team out of the 2022 Emmy nominations. This decision proves Hollywood is so disconnected from real America, and it’s an embarrassing admittance of hating this great country (I might be hyperbolic right now, but I’m really annoyed).

“Yellowstone” should have topped the list of the Best Drama category, released by the New York Times and other outlets Tuesday. While my two other personal favorites, “Ozark” and “Better Call Saul” made the list, the flailing “Succession” and glorified kids’ show, “Stranger Things,” somehow beat out everyone’s favorite cowboys.

If you’re mouthing “what the f**k” right now, same. “1883,” the show’s spin-off series, was also conspicuously missing, leading me to think that someone within the “Yellowstone” family has massively pissed off someone at the Emmys. This is one of the only reasons these two epic sagas would be so heavily disrespected by the awarding body.

Let me be clear: awards shows are pretty goddamn lame in the best of times. The only reason people will ever watch the Oscars again is to see who can one-up Will Smith’s slapgate. There is a level of respect that these awarding bodies have to abide by to stay relevant, but the Emmys seems to have forgotten this unspoken rule.

“Yellowstone” has beaten out almost all shows in terms of TV ratings since day one. Things were no different with the season four finale earlier this year. The same could be said for the cinematically perfect “1883,” which got “monster” ratings.

Apparently success, ratings, and the opinions of the general American public mean nothing to those at the Emmys, as the limited series didn’t even see a cast-member nomination, let alone a nomination for the show. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘Pam & Tommy’ Is The Gut-Wrenching History Of The Celebrity Sex Tape And Revenge Porn)

There’s an unspoken rumor in Hollywood that shows only get nominated if they creep and crawl in perfect sycophantic fashion to those in control of the Emmy nominations (and the nominations of other awarding bodies). If this is true, whoever is behind “The White Lotus” may have given their first-born to the Emmy overlords. Sure, it was a good limited series. Was it enough to dominate the nominations like it has? Absolutely not.

The only upside from this catastrophe of decision-making is that it gives real Americans a legitimate reason to never give a sh*t about the Emmys again. The Emmys are a lie. They are no longer a metric for success, if they ever were. LOSERS.