Pelosi Tries To Assure Everyone That Inflation Won’t Keep Going Up After Rate Reaches Record-High Again

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded to another report of decades-high inflation by saying she believes that price increases are “peaking.”

“I think we’re peaking. I think we’re going to be going down from here,” Pelosi said, according to The New York Times. Inflation hit another record high of 9.1% in the past twelve months. Pelosi believes that the passage of a bill designed to boost domestic technology manufacturing, including semiconductors, could help with inflation, the outlet added.

Economists predicted that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) would only increase by 1.1% between May and June. CPI rose 1.3% over the time period, as the energy index rose 7.5%, gasoline at 11.2% and food by 1.0%. (RELATED: ‘I Am Legend’ Set A Prediction For Gas Prices In The Apocalypse. Prices In Beverly Hills Just Surpassed It)

“Nancy Pelosi is delusional,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Nicole Morales told the Daily Caller, “She and her party gleefully voted for Biden’s $1.9 trillion reckless spending boondoggle that lit the fire of inflation, and her party will get burnt for it come November.”

President Joe Biden made similar comments in December, saying at the time that inflation had hit its “peak” and adding that price increases were “a real bump in the road.” A month prior, almost 80% of Americans said that inflation was impacting them personally, with 57% blaming the president directly.