Fans Slam Gwen Stefani For Cultural Appropriation

Screenshot/YouTube/Sean Paul

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Gwen Stefani caused a stir with her appearance in Sean Paul’s newly released music video for the single “Light My Fire” which dropped Wednesday.

The video shows Stefani in a dress that reflected the colors of the Jamaican flag and she had her hair styled in dreadlocks. Several comments posted to social media indicate this image isn’t sitting well with all her fans. “No one can appropriate a culture the way gwen stefani does,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Just seen Gwen Stefani is back to her cultural appropriation ways,” another Twitter user wrote.

Stefani and Paul’s new song also featured artist Shenseea, and showcased a group of party-goers dancing to the beat as all three artists took turns performing their lyrical interludes. Stefani was the only Caucasian in the crowd and her dress appeared to be a nod to Jamaican culture.

Many fans expressed outrage over the fact that Stefani altered her image for the video and  called her out for cultural appropriation, while others rose to her defense. (RELATED: ‘Pretty Classless’: Blake Shelton Jokes About Why Gwen Stefani Is In Charge Of Wedding Plans)

“Oh for God’s sake. I believe if you look at black women hair you will see the cultural appropriation from whites all the time. Who cares! Dress and wear hair how your how you want,” one Twitter user said.

This was not the first time Stefani has faced backlash over issues of cultural appropriation.

The artist faced harsh criticism when she first rose to fame as part of the band No Doubt, when she wore a bindi on her forehead, according to Page Six. Stefani also experience fan outrage over her image when she released her first solo album, “Love Angel Music Baby” and showcased a group of Japanese dancers called the Harajuku Girls, according to the outlet.